When people try to do their own treework


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My Island, WA
Years ago I was driving down the high way and saw someone felling a big elm. They had a small but very nice newish tractor pulling. The guy at the tree looked like he was making his face.

For some reason I was just driving off a deposit or hitting up the ATM. Point is that it was just up the street and a quick turnaround. It must have been less than 10 or 15 minutes coming back to see a flattened tractor, and no one on site. Too fast for emergency response so I hope all was ok.

Went to work the next day and told the boss what I saw. He was essentially on the same route at the same time (probably covering my paycheck I just deposited). Only difference was he stopped and got out to look at the stump. He said it looked like a beaver chewed on it

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