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I've been using my Wraptor for years, there's no problem connecting or disconnecting the originally installed back up cammed ascender. It's installed when you've got both feet on the ground, takes about 15 seconds.. Once the climber is aloft, the entire system, rope and all are lowered, and once again, the backup ascender is removed from the rope in about 15 seconds time. As a long time owner/user, I'd respectfully submit that the backup ascender for the Wraptor isn't broken, and certainly doesn't need fixing.


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Well, the video is still out there. It's got more zip and content than I recalled. Might be worth a look to spice up your day.
Hope the link works right.


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I've very very please to say I got my hands on an old version wraptor, and it is FANTASTIC. I also completely retract my statement about swapping out the rope grab with an ASAP . My experience had been that they were always fiddly to attach, not so much here.

I've got a question though, what's the greasing protocol using the grease fitting? Haven't been able to find anything about it.


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As to greasing, I always advise one shot per tank of gas. In reality it is pretty much a sealed unit so its not super important, if you get too much in there you might get a little seepage around the wear ring but no biggie . I personally was always partial to the first gen units, they are proven and everybody has 2 stroke on the truck. Man I hate Hitachi for buying out tanaka


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Having played with the wraptor (2 cycle) a bit, there's a pair of quality of life improvements that would be nice.

The plastic shroud that covers the pulley portion would be really nice to be able to be easily opened with 1 hand. Not sure if a small handle, knob, etc would be sufficient, but I find myself holding the wraptor with 1 hand and fishing the rope through with the other and leaving it hanging on the rope to start it. (I know manual says do it on the ground).

Secondly, the casting for the pulley would be 1,000,000 times better if the rope winding direction was cast/machined into it (similar to the decal on the cover). Fixable with a magic marker, but for those of us that don't use the wraptor daily, remembering which direction the rope goes isn't always intuitive.

Still a fantastic product. Accidentally dropped mine down 40 feet of rock face yesterday , and besides a bent handle, doesn't look any the worse for wear


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The ground never gets tired of holding things. If I'm hanging the wraptor, I'll usually use the Gibbs and possibly warm it up off the ground. It's possible that it might creep up the rope if running a hair fast at idle.

The rope spills out on the throttle-handle side. Only one handle side, which, in a way, can look like a tail. If you get rid of the excess rope, leaving the standing-end to barely reach the ground, it's easy to slip the Gibbs on the end and pull the tail until its hanging.


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So having been using mine for a while, couple requests maybe if you're still in the redesign phase...

Can a small flat plate be added to the top side of the ascender backup. I've been attaching a zigzag to the line and using the ascender to push it up the rope so it's easy to transfer over to after the wraptor is removed. Using the it this way I occasionally get some weird funny rope binding (mostly with the older style zigzag)

A quality of life curiosity thing, it would really neat to have a rope distance counter to see how many thousands (or more) feet of rope you've traveled over

Would be neat to see a second attachment point. The "bollard" is fantastic however it would be nice to have a way of attaching just a carabineer to the wraptor then to your bridge for those folks that run long rope bridges and plan on using either a secondary work line or plan on attending part the point the wraptor ascends to and needing an escape attachment may not be necessary. A small additional ring attached below the current "bollard" would probably be sufficient


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* EDIT *
My apologies, I should’ve gotten my facts straight before posting shit like that.
Really sorry all
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I actually hope I’m wrong, I’d love it to be a misunderstanding. But pretty sure....

Merle Nelson

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Ha, ha, of the times when it's good to be wrong.

I was surprised when I first read your post earlier today but held back trusting it for sure because I had heard he was on the mend and coming back up.

Glad you were wrong. No worries - a tad more reserve next time.

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