Puget Sound Regional TCC

Every part of my body hurts but DAMN that was fun! And to climb with so many experienced and talented people was super humbling and awesome.

Thanks for putting on a great event Zeb and Tom!


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The Results are in! Event winners in the PDF attached.

Master's Men

Dan Kraus
Robert Bundy
Colin Bugg

Master's Women
Susan Wright
Michelle Ramsden
Katy Bigelow

Spirit of the Competition Award presented to Katy Bigelow aka Pruninggal!

Congratulations everyone and thanks to all of our volunteers, competitors, sponsors, family and friends. Our best competition yet!



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Way to rock it!

Katy - awesome - Spirit of the Competition is a most coveted award I have been told many many times.
You are an inspiration to me. Going to the 'Peg this fall, come what may!

PIX? PIX? Vids. We wanna see!!


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It was a lot of fun to be a part of this event. Got to see some inspiring skills.

Some smooth footlockers, good throwline shots/ techniques/ tips, how smooth or challenging an aerial rescue scenario can be-body thrusting/footlocking/ mechanical ascenders/not so "Secret" Weapon, Master's tree in the rain...

Met some good folks, too.

Props to Tom and Zeb, and all the other volunteers involved. Good work competitors.
I had a blast. Thanks to Zeb and Tom, everyone who helped, and everyone who turned out to make the event a total hit. Hopefully we can drag some more Islanders out next time around.


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A huge thanks to all who helped and competed!!! It was the best staffed PSRTCC we've had so far. It was also so very cool that we had three women out there totally rocking it! Thank you Susan, Michelle and Katy.


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Shane blacktopp and his rope wrench placed a respectable 5th in work climb and Ariel rescue. To bad you cant use a wrench for the throw line event, I guess you could, kinda light though at only 7 oz.


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The people in the finals did a great job, congrats to Susan, Katie, and Michelle. Dan, Colin, and Rob had a very tight competition, all of them were in the tree and rocking in short time. It's always fun participating in these comps, props to Zeb and Tom for putting it all together.