Pen-Del Eastern TCC

Mark Chisholm

That's a good point Kathy. It is a very hard event to run in a smooth manner and still please everyone. MY hat goes off to all of the volunteers worldwide! /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif I was tossing the idea around of a prelim day for everyone and then a second Master's day with a BBQ after. What do you (anyone) think of that?

As a side note, I heard that Roachy won the final, but have yet to see the scores. I'm sure it was tight. Well done Roach!


Bucks Co. P.A.
Yeah Roachy won, again. He's a hard man to beat. He does give me opportunity but I screw myself with little crap. It's always a good comp. Roachy makes you bring all you have to chase him. He is a great competitor. Even though second place to him all the time sucks, it's still ok to come in second to him.

We'll be in Nashville supporting him. He's definately a threat. Hope we can help enough to get him into the finals.
Charley Wagner is gonna be brawling too. We'll be supporting him as well.

See you fellas in Tenn.

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