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I could have used one today. Had to fall a nice size Hackberry out into a lake. Used a wire raiser and rope to catch the limbs and drag them out. Cutting at the edge of the water. I saw quite a few limbs that would have been perfect for grabbing that were out of reach. Would definitely be a nice tool to have when needed.


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I had a spare male ferrule and broken yellow fiberglass pole section. The glass was just a little too tight a fit to slide over the tube on the Line setter so I slit the fiberglass length wise. That got it over the Line setter tube but now the fiberglass would not fit into the male ferrule. I had to make the glass smaller so I hit it with a belt sander while I spun it until it fit. Slid the ferrule on and drilled through all 3 layers and locked it on with a self taping screw. Solid as a rock.


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I saw a tool like this a long time ago. I think I was in school. These would work great for us doing street tree pruning like others have said.


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I cut a 4 inch long piece of 1 inch dia schedule 40 pvc pipe left over from a water line and put it in the vise and used a flap disk in the side grinder and sanded the outside lightly until it slid into the yellow Jameson poles. Then peiced everything together and drilled the hole with a 21/64 drill bit. I'm going to epoxt the pvc to the line setter shaft so I dont loose it. Everything fits perfect.


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Per the original thread, bwahahahaha. Well, not actually. I finally got a round TUIT and finished the first try at the Bent Happy Hooker. (Named in homage to the boat guy's stainless version). This is the one where you mount a happy hooker to the adjustable bent head of a Fiskars telescoping pruner. I did the dimensions to take a 6"limb and it ended up 1.1 lbs. Now the results. In straight use it behaves as expected. A rope fairlead was added for off angles as you're no longer pulling straight wrt the pivot. I found that the push phase tended to push the cross bar sideways and make it a bit of a fight to get it to pop back in correctly. Partly because you can' see it and partly because you're not pulling it straight into position. It was also the classic pushing something sideways at the tip of a long pole - hard to do. Setting the head to 90 degrees worsened the feeble push or pull force problem. Now in fairness, in anticipation of the bar falling out at non-overhead orientations (and not wanting to rely on keeping rope tension) a spring detente system was made with little notches in the receiver U-channels. The detente upped the push or release force accordingly. I also found the rope made quite a lot of friction through the fairlead. Also in fairness, I tested at max pruner length (13'?) which made everything spindly to side forces. Even at 1.1 lbs, it felt like a ton out at the end of the pruner compared to the normal pruner weight. The hoped intention was that you could reach up and 90 degrees onto the spar instead of a limb. I quickly found the 6" is hard to judge from even only 13' away. It was also the intention that you could reach out horizontally, drop a rope under a limb and voila its back to you for rigging. Practically a 10' reach might still be hard to manage, and the fairlead friction problem is still there.

Another issue is including the don't fall apart features. On the retract U hook its no big deal to have it without losing limb size capability but on the push U hook it rears its ugly head. On the original, the U hook is this big casting that eats near an inch and a half of the branch size capacity so they can only hook about 3" posts with a 5 or 6" wide unit. I tried to reduce that wastage and lost the don't fall apart feature they had. That's meaning if you don't have rope tension, it still doesn't kick out with the cross bar bent inwards. For Kevin's application, no biggie. But for horizontal or downward reaching it matters. I found the spring detente insufficient to take over for the real feature. And more detente force makes the side load feebleness problem worse.

So I put it in the garage, hung my head down, and decided to contemplate before I picked up another tool. I may consider the approach of the plastic Happy Hooker or composite, I don't know. Burrapeg's straight version looks like a good unit for non-bent overhead use.

Edit - some newly learned math is tight eye splice plus carabiner = fairlead, source of friction. Maybe I'll move the fairlead. Also, took 0.030 out of the pivot slop helps with alignment at bent angles. Didn't realize how loose it initially was. Looseness doesn't matter too much in straight application.
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I finally got around to permanently mounting mine to a pole saw head adapter. There was a bit of play so I used some fiber fix tape to "shim" and affix the device to the adapter. View attachment 68320

View attachment 68321

This is a fiberglass tape with resin that you wet with water. I just slid the saw adapter over the tape while the resin was still tacky. Its solid as a rock now.
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I can't believe I have never heard of this.

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