New Climbing Saw


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Hey - if it's in the way of man's needs...take her out. The bible says (at least I've been told) we can take any and all of what there is for our pleasure. Might want to draw the line at little boys though. (Sorry, been up all night with a dying kid)


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Jeez, I feel sorry for you guys having to take that tree dow w/ such inadequate saws. /forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif..You might talk the boss into throwing down some cash for some of the orange and white. /forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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Looks like the 192T might be the trick for me. Any buddy here used it much? I read the stuff posted on AS and it seems to be pretty reliable.

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I've used it. It's lighter and has less power than the 200T. The 192T would be ok for just light pruning, but if you do many removals, then the 200T is a better choice.


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A network thing. Survivors, pilots (angel flight), families, friends, etc. It's not an organization that raises funds, promotes research, or brings issues to light. We just are there when everything else has failed. Not in the limelight, it's not often pretty, and not many really care. No market potential doing this, that's why we're few and far between. I'm just hurting that of all the many hundreds of millions spent on research, no one is really addressing the root causes of many childhood cancers - our own material needs and prosperity. Twelve year old died three nights ago, there'll be many more.

I didn't mean to dampen or throw a hammer into a reasonable discussion - but just reacted to the tree removal thing. I remove trees too, maybe I'm just getting tired of it and making a living by ignoring most people.

Again, sorry.

Making money is fundamental to most all of everything. Maybe I'll try jumping on the bandwagon and going for it for a change. I like laughter better than tears anyway.

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I understand. Of all of the tragedies in life, none seem more horrid to me than that of a child's death. Many things in life are unfair , but nothing is worse than that. May God bless all of them.