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Ain't no way DNC lets Bernie get the nomination. He could win from here on out and the super delegates won't go his way or they'll force a brokered convention.

(remember when that happens that these are the same people that cried and wanted to change the Constitution when Trump won because he focused his campaigning in the States he needed to win the prescribed Electoral College)


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It's a battle between the corporate arm of the DNC and the grassroots arm of the DNC.

Bernie's the only candidate with the balls to speak truth to power.

The corporate clinton/obummer faction of the DNC stabbed blue collar workers in the back 26 years ago by joining the RNC's FTA push.

Essentially giving the neocon's ten percent of what they wanted, eleven times in a row.

Resulting in our current 110 percent neocon reality, that's about to implode.

Elect biden and he'll stay the neocon course every bit as devoutly as obummer did, count on it.

House cleaning at the DNC's forty friggin years overdue folks.

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Matthew Stone

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I know it's a big country and all but on my side there isn't many that are looking to fly democrat. I only know a few people that ACTUALLY vote who are trying to swing the vote that way. I'm rolling the dice here but I am feeling 4 more years of "you're fired" is on the way. I've been in Arizona, New York, Idaho, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. My Facebook shows a heavy pull of friends, customers, bosses etc from all walks of life resisting the Democratic choices. It will be interesting to see who comes out to the booth on that pivotal day..


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The campaigning is going to change with covid-19 on the scene. We have four old candidates (warren, bidden, trump, sanders), and lots of touching in rooms stuffed with people. I know this is morbid, but I'm almost asking myself who will get it first, will they die, and will they win? Will they stop touching people, will they telecommute to their rallies? It is literally possible for Bidden or Sanders to win the primary outright and be dead at the same time. I'm betting that it will pass before the general election takes place, but who knows...


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Personally I believe Eleanor Roosevelt'd be thrilled to have her dream of National Healthcare become a 21st century American reality.

Seems like the bare minimum any good Christian would wholeheartedly endorse......


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