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I was talking to this ol timer the other day. He says you know why some won't like Bernie Sanders.. Some people are just into homo politics. I was like homo politics what the hell. What's that like gay marriage and all that. Thought Bernie was cool with that ..I don't personally support that but don't really care if someone wants to be gay.. Let them have a gay ol time with themselves. He said no it not like that.. I says i was confused a bit. He said yeah they like that too. I was like hunh . I said so what's homo politics then?? He smiles and says its when you like the ones who are screwing you. I had to laugh. Cause that's all these political pony wranglers do is stick it to the working man while the rich plunder away.
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He's done well by us in VT, he ain't a perfect draw, but no one is in this farce of a political system. He just seems more palatable than most. He might actually stick to some of his rhetoric.


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Bernie was excellent in the debate, he's the straight-shooter of any of the candidates, republican or democrat. Actually speaks his mind and makes sense, the others sounded rehearsed/scripted. Maybe America will get lucky and Bernie will get a chance to run in the finals. At the very least he'll keep it interesting.


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I think he's a duechbag mac, yet he's sucks .. Im just trying to be reslistic..I think he better than the other career leaches... It's unfortunate that this is where were at with it. I've been researching other countries to live in heavily lately.


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Can you imagine how much work there would be if fast food workers earned enough to pay for our services. I would have to run three crews to keep up.
Tell me something--where are you meeting these fast food workers who desire tree work, but can't afford it?

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