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I know about the apportioned tags. I’ll be working across state lines frequently. That’s why I have a USDOT number. VA defines it as any time you leave the state. Even once. The DOT numbers keeps me from pulling permits every time. Also if I pull permits more than a few times a year they’ll pop me in NC for not getting USDOT registration numbers. I’ve researched the rules for all the states I’d be potentially working in. The glitch is the dmv in Virginia doesn’t know how to tag it. I tried to tag it as a straight truck but due to the weight and axles they are unsure what plates to put on it. I’m registered USDOT as utility equipment with permanently mounted equipment. That’s why they’re confused. They’ve had the registration paperwork for a month

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I'll apologize for that.
The Mecanil SG220 grapplesaw has an 18" bar. I cut everything I can with it. When it gets thicker than 18" I can even do snap cuts with it if the spar doesn't have too much lean. When I'm done with the grapplesaw it's usually short enough to just drop it over. If not, I sometimes grab the top and cut it off at the bottom with a saw. If it's bigger than that, I swap out the grapplesaw for a hook, use a ladder to put a strap on it, and lift it or I can put the basket on and lop off pieces. My last resort, which I only needed once, is to hire a guy and a bucket. There are quite a few options.
That tree in the video was in a backyard that was completely fenced in. The gate was at the other end of the house and there was no room to get a chipper or mini back there due to landscaping and such. My guy and I had all the brush out and chipped up in under 3 hours. After that we swapped out the grapplesaw for the hook and lifted the last 3 tree trunks (it was a triple trunk from the base) up and over the garage making the cuts from the ground. After that we ate lunch and went to another job. I never touched a chainsaw that day.
I know it's hard to believe. Ask Jerad. He came out to see it. Now he's getting one.
By far the coolest machine I’ve ever seen in the tree removal business and when I saw this video I was hooked right away and after three years of watching and waiting we have finally pulled the trigger on a palfinger 33002 tre-mek with a 160 grapplesaw from Jason at Palfinger it is all lightly used equipment so hopefully im making the right decision. I’m just not a rich man to buy a new setup. But no one else has this setup within a 300 mile radius. I’ve been following your stories and reading everything you wrote and I would just like to say you are a genius and this will change the tree industry forever.

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