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Grilled Cheddar cheese & Lamb leg steak (left-over lamb from yesterday)
(homemade bread, extra sharp cheddar, lamb, mayo on steak side)
Homemade French fries – corn oil, 325°F, 20 min.
Shishito peppers – deep fried
Zucchini sticks – deep fried
Mayo / horseradish – dipping sauce
200510 Grill Cheddar + Lamb Steak -Prep -IMG_0448 (002).JPG
200510 Grilled Cheddar + Lamb Steak - Done -IMG_0449 (002).JPG


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I must reply with anger, as you’re making me jealous! I have recently developed a dairy allergy, ending my years of ice cream by the bucket and milk by the gallon. That looks great though, almost good enough to put up with the stomach issues and wheezing to eat it!
Geez I feel so sad for you
I’m sorry but hot digity dog it was GOOD

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