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This one is fun to look at but is truly horrible. I'm sure it's better on location in New Orleans with a fresh grind. IMG_6154.JPG .


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And happy weekend, everybody. What's everyone up to?

I saw Guys and Dolls last night. The boy is cooking breakfast. Going to Best Buy later this morning because the boy wants to go there... Then he wants a haircut. I would never do either of these things, for the record. On Sunday we're rec climbing in a granddaddy southern live oak.

At some point I'll probably take out my new MS 880 and bask in the conflicting emotions of love for my new 2-stroke child and buyers remorse. I'm just glad I'll be climbing with the MS 661 on crane day this upcoming week so I don't have to use the damn thing. It's so weird, but I couldn't justify buying anything else - another MS 661 would just double up what I already have. A smaller saw should be battery-powered to last more than a year or two, but they're as yet just a bit underpowered for a lot of >12" trunkwood bucking. Ended up getting the MS 880 for ground guy to cut 10-26" diameter wood. He's going to hate me, lol. Of course, it's main purpose is to slab large diameter logs and do a bit of bucking and stump cutting on the side... Anyone else having these types of saw problems?

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