1. Jack the urban forester

    Contracting out EAB Injections -looking for opinions and advice

    First time poster! I'm an urban forester for Fairfax County Virginia. For the past 5 years, our staff has injected about 100 ash trees on a three year cycle using Emamectin benzoate (EB) (TreeAge) with the Arborjet Quickjet and IV systems. Don't really have any complaints with this rig. This...
  2. TREE Fund

    TREE Fund Webinar: EAB - Strategies for Conserving Ash in the Urban Forest

    Join us November 28 at 12:00 pm (Mountain) for this FREE webinar featuring Dr. Dan Herms of The Davey Tree Expert Company on EAB. Get 1.0 CEU credit from ISA, SAF or NALP for watching it live. Get details and register at treefund.org/webinars.
  3. S

    Trouble with tree IV for EAB

    Hey, wondering if anyone has any experience with the arborjet tree IV for treating EAB and getting the tree to uptake quickly? New to this system, but in nearly ideal conditions with my plugs set properly (no leaks), I'm still waiting hours for the treatment to be complete. Any ideas for how...
  4. Jehinten

    new to treating EAB

    I know EAB has been around awhile, but it is just now getting in my area, the first confirmed case was found in my county about a year ago with no other confirmed cases. I would like to start treating for this, and am looking for more information on this. My full time employment has purchased...
  5. J


    Brand new; NEVER used injecting trees-Arborjet Viper System. I had the best intentions to use it in my tree company, but just never had the time to make this system worth the while to use in my business model. We do mostly single/dual tree properties and just don't make sense to have this around...
  6. baumeister

    Eab research on seedlings sprouting in woodS ???s

    anyone know if there is any research being done on the existence of defense chemicals existing in young seedlings/ suckers? This picture shows a 5 year old sucker apparently closing wounds from eab grubs over the course of the past 3 years, possibly two. Could it have something to do with...