1. L


    Looking at a 2012 90xp with a Perkins with 925 hours . I spun the disc around it seemed smooth but it almost stoped but went backwards and stopped could it be out of balance ? Any more info would be appreciated
  2. treesap

    3D Printed gear hooks

    I made some 3D printed gear hooks, and I liked them so much I decided to start selling them picture credit: Jehinten these hooks are 3/4" wide so they wont move on your harness PLA Thermoplastic $10 each, $8 each if you order more than 5 $5 for shipping pm if you want to buy one
  3. treesap

    Buckingham gaffs

    hello, im new here, anyways, I was looking thru craigslist and found a pair of Buckingham gaffs, good condition (Paint is beat up, and the straps are a little frayed, nothing I cant fix tho) $118, I think its a good deal, gonna see when I can meet the seller to look at them, im excited (If I...
  4. D

    Buying equipment

    Do you prefer to buy equipment from a local dealer or direct from the equipment manufacturer? Why?

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