1. A

    Oak Wilt Injection Uptake Time

    I’ve read many posts her over the years but finally created an account, I’m glad we have this community here! My question is general uptake time for the Arborjet IV Systems for Oak Wilt on Live Oaks, can anyone share your experience of averages during either Spring and Fall application? here...
  2. K

    Arborjet quick jet air issues

    We have been using the arborjet system for 4 seasons now and have had good success with it up until this point. For the past few months we have been experiencing issues with the piston retraction. After each push of chem through the gun the piston pulls back slower and slower to refill the...
  3. O

    Arborjet Tree I.V. Deluxe Kit

    Arborjet Tree I.V. Deluxe Kit $800 Everything's included that is found in this kit with the exception of the bungee chords and there is 4 (instead of 5) bottles included. Used gently for only 6 months and priced to sell. Buyer pays shipping. Payment made via PayPal. Local pickup also...
  4. Jehinten

    new to treating EAB

    I know EAB has been around awhile, but it is just now getting in my area, the first confirmed case was found in my county about a year ago with no other confirmed cases. I would like to start treating for this, and am looking for more information on this. My full time employment has purchased...
  5. J


    Brand new; NEVER used injecting trees-Arborjet Viper System. I had the best intentions to use it in my tree company, but just never had the time to make this system worth the while to use in my business model. We do mostly single/dual tree properties and just don't make sense to have this around...

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