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    Zig zag tips

    Loop of throw line girthed on the eye. Or one of these:
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    What Causes Milking

    I have to admit, I didn't really know what milking was; the cover growing longer than the core, or the core extruding from the cover? The first rope I owned - 11 mm HTP with no eyes - had about 3" of the core squeeze out from under the cover. My drenaLine with a sewn eye had about an inch of...
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    Scientists discover how knots work

    Yeah, I don't know if he's referring to the study's author or the article author, but it's a weird reaction, nonetheless.
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    So.. Free Climbing?

    I love free climbing!
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    2020 TCC Chron List / Dates

    Appalachian TCC has been postponed to the autumn, date TBD.
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    ‘Keeper’ lanyard adjuster

    That's it.
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    Just bought the akimbo

    Just saw this, this morning from Teufelberger: Good news all treeMOTION are now certified and allowed to be used up to 150kg!! (330 lbs) It concerns : ☑️treeMOTION S.Light USCA ☑️treeMOTION Standard USCA ☑️treeMOTION evo
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    Moss Cinching Lanyard prototype

    Finally tried the wrench on my 10.5 Platinum yesterday. Set a crown anchor about 60' in a sycamore and tried a 4 wrap Michoacan using a 28" 8 mm OP cord, but it was way too loose. 3/2 Michoacan wouldn't grip either. VT was too long with my short wrench tether. Settled with a 6 wrap Michoacan. I...
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    ThimbleSaver retrieval

    Melt a hole through your line near the end. Girth hitch the cone through the hole.
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    Salutations fellow tree folk!

    Greetings and Salutations!
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    Moss Cinching Lanyard prototype

    Knotability and hand seems fine, although the skinnier diameter might make it feel that way compared to a thicker static line like Xstatic. Doesn't cable as badly as, say, HTP, again maybe because of its construction, although I have't climbed on it recently. I'll make some descents using my...
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    Moss Cinching Lanyard prototype

    Going to try the wrench on my 10.5 Platinum today or tomorrow. I think climbers don't like the lumpiness of it where the core and cover are connected, but I like it for stealthy rec climbs for its light weight and low visibility. Also have a hank of Samson Predator coming from WesSpur next...
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    2020 , 9th CT annual Rec climb !

    I can't commit yet - that's at the end of my son's winter school break, so we might be on the road. If we're back early, I'll hop on over. Really want to try the Moss Cinching Lanyard. Andrew, let us know if you have a Mass climb in March.
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    2020 TCC Chron List / Dates

    Appalachian TCC May 1 at 9 AM – May 3 at 5 PM Highland Park, Roanoke, VA
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    2020 TCC Chron List / Dates

    European TCC July 11-12 Kaštieľ Budmerice, Budmerice, Slovakia