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    WTB Mini skid steer in PNW

    Someone on here posted a zahn mini loader a while ago but neve saw if it sold. Eastside or something like that for a user name
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    Aluminum geckos, sj3, Kleins

    I'll take the geckos
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    Co-worker sitting on giant statue at work

    Those look like awesome trees to climb!
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    Gear for Sale/Trade SOLD

    I'll take the chest harness and 10 feet of HRC If you're willing to cut it
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    *SOLD* 2018 Treemotion For Sale

    I'll take it
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    Passing rope joint through block

    Flatter ground and smaller trees
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    Coronet Pruning and other Wildlife Habitat Incorporation

    Imo it's fine with risk consideration.
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    Looking for wrist rocket

    Oh yeah, that's why I couldn't remember a price! Glad you're enjoying the cinch.
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    Looking for wrist rocket

    I've got one I'd sell. I don't use very much. can't remember what i paid for it. Looking to build up my SAKA fund
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    New Look...issues?

    I liked having the most recent post of each sub forum show up on the main page. doesn't seem to do that anymore?
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    New Look!

  12. SeanRuel

    New Look!

    The formatting is worse on my phone. Usernames cut off part way through seems like dependent on thread name length/ username length
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    Pruning saws are SHARP

    I'll say one thing about silkys, they give a smooth cut. Just dumped some peroxide in and laid the flap back in place. Bandaid with med tape to hold it down. Seems like it's going to heal up just fine. Was just reminding to be careful when changing equipment. So easy to habituate , changing...
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    Pruning saws are SHARP

    Was pruning an apple tree in my own yard, with my brand new silky tsurugi 400. Hand slipped making a cut. Only thing that stopped the blade was the bone in my thumb! I always joke about blooding in a new blade, but it's true for me. Happens once every time I change to a new blade. I think my...

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