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    What to keep in-mind when splicing hitch-cords from 12-strand (Ice Tail)?

    The thin spot Is from your tail tapers not being totally spot on. Probably fine. I'd personally not use thimbles on hitch cord, too much extra slop.
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    Doubled aluminum rings

    Brocky's fatty wooden bridge ring?
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    Just here to admit to the world that I Love Slash Cuts! Kudos for the use of "bloviating" early in the thread too!
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    Hitchhiker with zigzag+?

    That's made out of yale uni-line pretty sure. Really iteresting rope, crazy stiff and durable. Davey Seattle bought a bunch of uni-line fliplines after wire cores were banned by hq. Mixed reviews, but reasonably comparable to wire core. Could rig something similar with a wire core lanyard and a...
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    So mad at CT

    Wtf is a Texas tug?
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    What to keep in-mind when splicing hitch-cords from 12-strand (Ice Tail)?

    You can do a locking brummel splice with super short tapers on the tail buries. not sure on minimum length, maybe 3 inches with a solid lock/ whip stitch. that keeps ice tail super flexible/ soft. Are you trying to make hitch cords for climbing?
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    880 mod

    Whoa, I'd drive pretty far for that deal!
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    Doubled aluminum rings

    @JeffGu Can you point me to any sources that explain strength/ bend radius. To me it instinctively seems like there is some benefit from the separation of 90° bends. Love learning things that contradict my assumptions.
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    Show off them splices

    Love love love spliced throwline! Such an easy little splice too.
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    (Added HH2) A few items for sale.

    I'll take the gold footie.
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    Uk arborist looking for work in states

    Check out Dan's post below, Seacoast tree care in Hampton, New Hampshire. @djm Surrounding towns include Durham, Exeter, Portsmouth, Dover etc. so you'll save time not having to learn any new town names. Not sure with visas, but worth getting in touch anyways
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    Ring Loop help

    Yup, even better. I guess we should ask op what they're trying to accomplish with a ring loop?
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    Ring Loop help

    How bout doing an end- to- end splice and then seizing it to constrict the ring?
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    Show off them splices

    Figured something like that. That friction saver looks great also!
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    Show off them splices

    That's what I thought, doesn't look super rope friendly to me