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    Looking for an apprenticeship in the canopy

    The Boston area has several good preservation and safety oriented companies.
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    Sebastian Junger...former arbo...survives Perfect Storm

    His book TRIBE has some interesting things to say as well
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    Stinking harness

    Embrace the stank
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    Songs of Perfection

    Thanks to whomever muted Yokos mic!
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    Instrumental Books
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    Instrumental Books

    Fundamentals of General Tree Work by Gerry Beranek. Not so much on the business side, but tons of time saving clever tips.
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    I've personally found a tending pulley unnecessary. Look into the nano swivel mod( replacing the lower attachment teardrop on the BDB) it's nice and compact
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    Songs of Perfection

    Canadian love
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    Also a fun time signature
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    ISA Certified well seasoned arborist in search of opportunity

    I know it's Seattle metro not Port A, but @Kathy_Holzer was looking for folks somewhat recently.
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    Songs of Perfection

    Serious Ayn Rand let em starve libertarian vibes from that tune. Taking their metaphor further, stand diversity is good for resilience. @Boomslang fuck rush cause their music is bad, or is there some hot Canadian gossip aboot them?
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    Songs of Perfection

    Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On I've loved this tune since I first heard it 15 years ago. That hook just grabs
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    cord for secret weapon

    I don't use a secret weapon, but I love Ocean Poly. Such a great hitch cord, perfect balance of grippy and smooth. Easy splice too
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    Omniblock abuse

    Ask @Serf Life all about the marvels of 1/2" rigging. Never used an omni block but that's a glowing recommendation in my mind. Test to destruction, the only really accurate arborist test
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    Tree climbers wanted Durango Colorado

    It's not easy when it's far away, but if you can do a trial day or two. Basically you are "interviewing" the employer. I'd look out for PPE use by employees as a absolute baseline fir a company to work for.

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