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    Poor Planning

    I saw this on the news this evening. Tree Removals Its sad to hear that all street trees in the downtown area, I think it was 12 blocks, has to be removed. I understand having to fix planning problems from the past, but to plant trees in the same areas creating the same problem the next...
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    Better than the arborjet bucket.

    That looks perfect, easy storage in the off season too.
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    help w DED

    There is a chance to save the uninfected trees, and possibly the slightly infected tree. You can prune out the flaging branches and check for streaking in the sapwood. If the streaking has stopped before reaching a major branch or stem there is a chance to save the tree, along with a fungicide...
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    Wanted: Central Minnesota arborist

    I would recommend Faith Applequist. She is in Apple Valley, so I am not sure if she would go out to Hutch. Her website is
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    Front Page New York Times

    I worked on tree inventories for municipalities for many years and one of the most frustrating comments I got from the public was "this is a big waste of taxes." Other people would comment "why doesn't dpw inspect the trees, anybody can tell if a tree is dead." I am glad to see some publicity...
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    Hobbies outside of Work

    I have been itchin to get out the longboard this spring.
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    I'm a real fatty.

    Re: I\'m a real fatty. I did the Insanity videos, but only lasted 2 weeks. It was not a good idea to try and start it in the spring when overtime is aplenty. My wife and I would do the workout when i got home, and wouldnt end up eating dinner until 8 or 9 at night, it got to be too much for...
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    Bald eagle

    That would be fun to watch! There is an eagles nest right off the highway I take to work, it is a highlight of my day to see the eagles working and sitting in their nest twice a day.
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    Ice fishing in Minnesota

    That was pretty funny. There has been alot of that type of ice fishing this year!
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    Pests vs Fert

    If you were treating a tree for pest management (mites, leaf miners, or whatever) would you recommend fertilizing the tree too? If the tree is stressed from insect damage, some fert could give it a needed boost. Or would you think... Fertilizing the tree would give it lush green foliage which...
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    Dead Oak

    Would this be considered spalting, or is that something different?
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    ISA Municipal Arborist Exam

    I have the municipal specialist certification. It is a tough exam with some oddball questions. Before I took the exam I was told that the study guide was not real helpful, so I didn't spend a whole lot of time laboring over the study guide. Ifocused my time on the prep questions at the end of...
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    MN TREE Fund Event

    I hope to see you there!
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    MN TREE Fund Event

    The MSA is hosting "Bowling Night" a fundraiser for the TREE Fund on Sunday February 12th at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park! Come out to Park Tavern for an evening of bowling, pizza, networking, and fun with fellow arborists, tree care advisors, gardeners, and anyone who admires trees. The...
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    Historic Tree Catches Fire in Central Florida Park

    I have visited The Senator before. The article didt mention how the tree started on fire. I will post some pictures of the tree later, some of my favorite tree pics.