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    Fungus ID question

    Found this at the base of a post oak. I need help with ID. Thanks.
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    I'll take it. Great deal. PM sent
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    “I want you to Top My Tree”

    Among the various responsible alternatives you might offer are paclobutrazol soil applications. 40%-70% shoot growth reduction for 3 years with one application, requiring no special equipment. A gallon of the brand name stuff may seem pricey, but the materials cost for treating one 18" dbh...
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    Bittersweet control under trees

    I've found this USDA guide to be an excellent resource for controlling invasive vegetation: Here's what Miller et al. recommend for oriental bittersweet: No need to get the name brand herbicides. Plenty of generic equivalents here. For example...
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    sudden leaf drop on green ash

    Sounds like the same puzzle I've got with a white ash in Durham, NC. Sudden and premature leaf and petiole abscission with no signs of damage from insects, anthracnose, etc. Alarming because it started happening shortly after our emamectin benzoate injection. Lots of rain (too much rain), but...
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    *SOLD* 2018 Treemotion For Sale

    I'll take it. Great price. Tried to PM you but there's restricted access to your profile. Feel free to PM me though.
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    Growth Regulators?

    Okay, but the question is whether off label usage is a flaunting of Federal regulation. Maybe it is, but it's not clear from the usual product labeling of the sorts of chemicals we use. The wording of the typical misuse statement leaves room for non-inconsistent off-label usage.
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    Growth Regulators?

    Cambistat is also labeled for trees. We've been pleased with the support we've gotten from Rainbow and are using their products. I don't think it's available in smaller quantities either though, and, with shipping, it'll probably be more pricey than Shortstop.
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    Growth Regulators?

    I think case law would be decisive here, and I suspect that, when a label expressly approves of a specific use, this provides legal protection to the applicator in that use even if off-label, non-inconsistent uses of a chemical aren't as such a violation of Federal law. Since that legal...
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    Growth Regulators?

    All these labels use this sort of wording: "It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling." Notice that it doesn't say that it's a violation of Federal law to use a product in manners not expressly approved in the labeling. So, it would be...
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    Kretzschmaria...death sentence...?

    But why think that it would only effect the surface stuff? With the root uptake, could the agrifos pass through more of the sapwood of the tree? I've been hesitant to soil drench with fungicides though, knowing that we're killing all the good stuff as well. But K. duesta is nasty stuff and I...
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    Noob questions

    Welcome to NC! Looking forward to your questions!
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    Best Tree Service Websites

    It's time to overhaul to my little company's website. I would appreciate links to excellent and effective tree service websites that I might draw on for inspiration, maybe with a comment on what you find excellent about them. The websites don't have to be complex. I suppose they don't even have...
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    Tom Dunlap on the Educated Climber Podcast

    Nice to learn of the history of Treebuzz. Much gratitude for Tom Dunlop and Mark Chisholm for setting it up and maintaining it. Patrick, excellent interview as always. I agree with the value of the Treebuzz forums archive. I search it all the time.

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