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    Kretzschmaria...death sentence...?

    But why think that it would only effect the surface stuff? With the root uptake, could the agrifos pass through more of the sapwood of the tree? I've been hesitant to soil drench with fungicides though, knowing that we're killing all the good stuff as well. But K. duesta is nasty stuff and I...
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    Noob questions

    Welcome to NC! Looking forward to your questions!
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    Best Tree Service Websites

    It's time to overhaul to my little company's website. I would appreciate links to excellent and effective tree service websites that I might draw on for inspiration, maybe with a comment on what you find excellent about them. The websites don't have to be complex. I suppose they don't even have...
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    Tom Dunlap on the Educated Climber Podcast

    Nice to learn of the history of Treebuzz. Much gratitude for Tom Dunlop and Mark Chisholm for setting it up and maintaining it. Patrick, excellent interview as always. I agree with the value of the Treebuzz forums archive. I search it all the time.
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    Any insights into how/where/why you went wrong?
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    Aerial Friction Brake Discontinued

    Also remember how tempting it is for a consumer to report device malfunction or fault after blatant misuse. The AFB would be easy to abuse, perhaps by overloading it, tossing it down from a tree, or installing it where it will mash up against a nub and deform the side plates. Enough problems of...
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    Hung oak trail work

    Thanks Moss. Seems like a great fit. Good to be networked in with tree companies that know of what you can do solo. I'll be looking for opportunities to reach out to these trail maintenance folks. I have relatives on the west coast who do volunteer trail work operations in the wilderness...
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    Hung oak trail work

    I think my most enjoyable solo jobs have been taking out hung trees, with minimal gear and leaving everything onsite. Any advice on getting work with organizations like a land conservation trust, or on trail work jobs? How do you price this kind of work?
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    Treestuff's New Website

    It's too bad that the one thing you can't review on Treestuff is their new website.
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    Rico, why do you not like wire core? I would have thought the extra stiffness of it would make it preferred as a flipline for spiking up a fat conifer. Not so?
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    Tips and ideas for implementing a secretary?

    I found that it was surprisingly easy to get applicants responding for secretarial openings. Unlike tree workers it seems they're often on their computers and maybe checking job listings. We had to take the add down quickly. We got super lucky in hiring an employee's spouse who turned out to be...
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    Work position question

    The possibility of something like this happening is a reason to tie in above the block. I like one of my tie-ins to be choked off though and tight to reduce the risk of a tie in flipping up and over the top if you get bounced around.
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    Life at Bartlett, employee perspectives

    Chapel Hill. Yes, I've heard good things about Heartwood, and we do know someone there. I love the idea of networking with and learning from other companies out there.
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    Life at Bartlett, employee perspectives

    I have suggested to him that this might well be a better path. I find highly attractive the idea of being his age and unattached and spending a few years working with some of best arborists and most dynamic tree care companies in different parts of the country.
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    Life at Bartlett, employee perspectives

    I've got an excellent young employee looking to gain some more experience working for other companies. He's not interested in PHC. He's got a lot of promise so I would hate to see him lose his edge and get used to working the system as you describe.