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    Best Gloves for Climbing?

    How do they hold up Jan? Do they last any longer than latex or nitrel gloves?
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    Hitch cord <8 mm

    Yep! Tree stuff has Epicord on back order also! Teufelberger must be having some problems at the factory!
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    Hitch cord <8 mm

    I have been waiting 2 months for Tree Stuff to ship 8mm HRC. No one knows when the orders will be filled! What other cordage do you like to use that you like as much as HRC?
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    Maple Center Branches

    Many times when a tree experiences die back in the center of a tree there's a good chance it could be a root problem. Looks like the mulch around the tree could be up to high on the trunk. You might want to check for girding roots. That's something that is easy to look at. Edward Gillman talks...
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    Getting back on top of a limb

    There are many ways to set up retrievable redirects. I have tried many of them and I love having them in my mental tool kit, however you will find certain ones that fit your climbing style and you will use them more than others. It's a fun journey as you learn and experiment which ones work best...
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    Getting back on top of a limb

    When confronted with this scenario, I use My lanyard or other short climbing line to tie into a friction hitch that is above my last redirect. My redirect on the branch is set to be retrievable. I then can slack of my SRT and drift back to towards the trunk. Once there I pull the retrievable...
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    Dead Wood

    On the subject of dead wooding or crown cleaning. There are a lot of tree services in my area that will just grab on to the dead branches with a pole saw and snatch them out. I have even seen some You Tube videos where the climber just can not get to the tip because it will not support the...
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    Two seperate lanyards

    Hey Jan, For me it totally depends upon what kind of tree I'm climbing or the type of work that I need to accomplish. The size of the tree and how thick or sparse the canopy is helps me determine what length of rope I'll need. For instance, say your limb walking or, limb crawling. Two points of...
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    Any suggestions for climbing 'drills'/practice-routines? Am new & want to improve techniques!

    My suggestion would be to always be observant when setting redirect angels so, you can learn which ones give you the more comfortable work positions for the task at hand. That includes your work triangle when using two points of attachment while on pruning jobs. A good line angle can make a...
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    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    All that detail and I forgot to list hitch! I use a Michoacan Sorry for not listing it.
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    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    My Weight: 212lbs Rope: Yale Blaze 11mm Set Up: Hitch Climber Pulley SRT Device: Rope Wrench W/ Rope Logic Stiff Tether Friction Cord: 28" 8mm HRC Friction Cord 5 Wraps Hitch Used: Michoacan The hitch works smooth, sets well and releases great also...
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    What’s your favourite lanyard set up

    Like many others have stated, the length of my lanyard depends on the tree. My go to lanyard consist of a 15' length of Orange 11mm Yale Blaze with a Hitch Climber Pulley set up. I use Rock Exotica Oval Biners. I have a prusik installed between the Hitch Climber and the lock off biner so I can...
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    Foot ascender riding up on ankle

    If your not wearing some type of boot that comes up over your ankle "6" you won't ever be able try to adjust the sweet spot for you. I like to have the device located right at my ankle, maybe even just a tad bit higher because I do a lot of branch walking where I sometimes have to shimmy out to...
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    What Size Climbing Rope Do You Prefer

    I'm looking at purchasing Blue Moon 11.7mm by Yale.
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    What Size Climbing Rope Do You Prefer

    I climb on hitch cord "HRC". You are right 12.7mm is .50" they 11.7mm .46". I will edit my comment. Nice to know that thicker line is kinder to the hitch cords!