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    500i or 661

    I wouldn’t sell a saw to buy one, but I wouldn’t buy a 46x or 66x over a 500i. To clarify, my 500i is ported.
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    500i or 661

    Before I went from a 46X to a 66X... The 500i can replace both without issue. Very happy with it, reminds me I should probably order another.
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    Avant 420 and branch manager grapple

    Which joystick? Have more pictures?
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    Articulated loaders (other options?)

    A wheel loader is better for forwarding material, an excavator is better for handling material... there's overlap in their abilities, but different strengths for sure.
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    Issues getting insurance for rental lift?

    1.5% is a normal rate for inland marine, add some fees and your numbers are spot on.
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    Knowing how hard you can safely push your chainsaw?

    Yep, if it fits the bar mount and sprocket, it’ll pull it with no harm... as long as the chain is sharp. Not a horrific example, but way back in the day I’d run 36” bar with normal (non skip chain) on an 044 in south east hardwoods... slow, but it works fine.
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    Knowing how hard you can safely push your chainsaw?

    With a sharp chain and proper operation, you can cut whatever size wood you want with no ill effect. I’ve made 3’ felling cuts with a 16” bar on a top handled saw… slow but otherwise not an issue.
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    Mini platform in front of truck

    Options affect pricing, so does the shortage. Mine is a 33k GVW, 350HP/Allison, plumbed for trailer brakes, dual 50 gallon tanks, power mirrors and windows, differential lock, 7/16” 120ksi frame… those are the high points that come to mind.
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    Mini platform in front of truck

    A new M2 106 cab and chassis is in the $80’s now. I paid $85.6k delivered.
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    2015 Nifty SD64 4x4x4

    @jrad1 When did you buy your machine? (Is it still under warranty?) You’ll need a calibration tool for the sensor. Working out the details on getting you that. Carl
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    Pads under outriggers on a rental lift?

    Normally they should come with them. Yes you need them. You can use suitable wood.
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    2015 Nifty SD64 4x4x4

    I can do some checking.
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    Should I put a branch manager grapple on a thomas 25g mini skid?

    The best estimate is the TNA weighs ~20lb more than the BMG.... it’s rated for 3klb, something like the Toro 1000, Ditch Witch 1050, etc are just fine . Ironically, the BMG was built back in the mid 2000s for the company running Thomas mini skids. TNA and BMG started at the same place. The...
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    Sexism and Homophobia in Arborculture/TreeLife?

    This had me scratching my head... did a little pondering and research learning a bit along the way. A derrick? If so, it is named after an executioner in Middlesex from the late 1500s to early 1600s named Thomas Derrick. He died around 1608 after executing an estimated 3000 people. Given...
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    Should I put a branch manager grapple on a thomas 25g mini skid?

    They’re very similar in weight. The TNE is made from stronger steel (AR400 side plates for example), opens wider, internal hose routing, wider pusher, pin on both bollards for tying off a rope, teeth inside the tip of the jaws for grabbing larger diameter wood more securely. Missed the price...

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