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    Seeking Tree Climber/ground man

    We run a small tree care business. Located near Frederick Md. Looking for a Climber with at least 1 year of experience. Pay is based on experience but I also believe in paying a living wage. We do our best to offer work year round. Really depends on the weather. Job description Climb trees (...
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    Husky 3120XP rev limiter malfunction

    Well you could just replace the fuel line. And see how it goes then rebuild the carb. Sorry to hear it was not the ignition module.
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    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    I would be interested in the Morgan block as well. Seems like a well thought out, yet simple design. That will be very handy to have especially for solo rigging applications. And if you are running a lean crew. You could continue to work the tree out while your ground man is hauling brush or wood.
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    Ropetek Wraptor redesign

    @pctree Is there a torque spec on the bolts that attach the engine cage to the wraptor. There are 2 on the lower front of the engine and 2 on top toward the front right above the grease fitting. I need to pull the cage to do some engine work. Mainly just a service spark plug, oil change, fuel...
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    @southsoundtree well said
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    If you are mainly doing solo rigging i would go with the mini. They are super compact.
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    I think lawrence shultz may have some on his youtube channel. Here is a link to his channel.
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    A x rigging safebloc may be an option for you. It would give you the flexibility to put your rigging point any where. It would also help in giving a consistent amount of friction. I really like and use quite often a small portawrap. In the canopy. I can control and lower from my position.
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    Some thing that really helped me in the beginning, is to make a plan of how you are going to do the tree. Where am i going to tie in. High central lead to help with rope angles to get out on to the tips of the limbs if need be. Where am i going to set my main rigging point. You may have to...
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    Outlaw saws

    I have bought 5 saws from robin over the past few years. Everything is as described and he is a good guy to deal with. I dont know that it is worth much as a dont post much here/ i am not well known.
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    Mint Almost New Ropetek Wraptor For Sale $2500

    I am going to pick it up tomorrow.
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    Husky 3120XP rev limiter malfunction

    I would bet that it is the ignition module going bad. From my experiences on saws when the saw starts jump around on rpm its the ignition module. Thats assuming everything else is in order
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    Stihl MS 200T Fuel Geyser

    There are some interesting post to read on heat soak on some of the chainsaw forums.
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    Should You Ask Customers for a Review?

    I feel that it is appropriate to ask. They can always decline or not do it. They may not know that you or your company has need of a review or a place to do so. I feel that your relationship with your customer is/or should be mutually beneficial to both parties. It doesn't always work that way.
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