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    2008 bandit 1090xp

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    2008 bandit 1090xp

    12" capacity.
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    2008 bandit 1090xp

    1200 hrs on a john deere 99 horse john deere. winch cable new last year, have setup for switching to rope cable but have not installed yet. new tires this year, all new brakes last winter. New ECU in 2013, new autofeed in 2013. All work done by dealer. Have 3' toolbox on driver's side which...
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    Which brand for new chip truck?

    I've got a 5500 and aside from some minor issues I've been very happy.
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    Who will be @ Expo in Hartford next week?

    Heading over Tuesday night so I can be in the EHAP class bright and early Wednesday morning.
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    no more hartford?

    I was on the phone with my insurance agent the other day and she told me that Hartford will no longer be offering their arborist program. Said they got rid of the home builders too. Anybody else dealing with this?
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    Rayco RG100X

    I love running those big100 horse machines. Makes quick wok out of just about any stump.
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    Bashlin gaffs

    Sale pending.
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    Bashlin gaffs

    Pretty sure they are steel.
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    Bashlin gaffs

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    Bashlin gaffs

    I've had these for about 10 years, they have seen very little use in that time. Looking to get $100, will cover cost of shipping within the US.
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    Hiab crane leaking

    One of my friends is looking at purchasing a small hiab crane. He ran it for a few minutes and noticed fluid leaking from around the turret which made a descent puddle on the ground. If you guys had to make a guess, what would you say is a possible cause, and how bad is the repair? The truck...
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    Ideal compressor for Air Spade..

    I've got a 165 CFM machine and it's not enough, I'd go 225 or 185 depending on what you can find.
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    traveling long distances for work

    2 years ago when we did this I blew out a tire on my chipper at 5:30? right before getting onto a highway, luckily we had brought a spare, bottle jacks, and tools. It's basically a paid vacation though. If this was for real money the cost woud be astronomical.
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    traveling long distances for work

    I'm sure some of you guys have done this before, so I'm looking for your input. A couple of years ago I helped a friend and his father take down a couple of pine trees at the parents' second home, which is roughly 5 hrs from where I live and work. Today I was asked if I could go again, only...

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