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    Major Decision

    Super stoked for you! We are gonna get one as well in the next few years! Lots of thought on chassis.
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    New Bandit Chipper

    nuf said... go as big as you cant't afford. you will suddenly figure out how to pay for it...and you will never regret going big!
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    Sena Communications.....whats new?

    Right on. Also make sure the mics are the correct way. If they are flipped it will pic up the saw and wind more and talk less. I usually tap out and rock out to tunes when we feed the chipper!
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    Sena Communications.....whats new?

    Word! Which units do you have? We had the pro coms, one of them after a year, ate batteries every day...we bought them from a non dealer on eBay for at 50% msrp, so no warranty on them. I think I'm going back to some of the new peltors soon.
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    Sena Communications.....whats new?

    We too have had sena's for about 3 years now...they are nice. They do not even come close to the quality of noise canceling and 360 enhanced hearing abilities that out old expensive peltor-coms had. They were push to talk and worked on walkie talkie bands, so that part sucked...
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    Sena Communications.....whats new?

    Do you have the mic clips that allow noise to only enter one side? That helped with guys running saws and chippers.
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    WTB smaller-sized chipper.

    I've got a bandit 90 with 65hp Wisconsin. Late 90's unit. Winch! Spare good motor (for insurance and robbing parts as needed from) In upstate NY Chipper and spare motor 1st $7k...(motor alone with core would cost over $4k)
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    Wtb Vermeer 600xl

    X2! They are not in the same class. The bandit is almost productive...the Vermeer you will be watching it chip while you wait to feed it.
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    Major Decision

    Steve have you operated a bucket/lift? I don't recall... I've been coming across so many more opportunities for a tracked lift around me as I look. Another thing to think about, used tracked lifts are rare and also hold their value rather well, so if it did not work out you should be able...
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    Major Decision

    Compact lift dude! With your climbing experience, a lift would take you to a new level of the game.. Sell getting the trees down, find some one else (other tree service/landscapers) to clean up. Stepping stone towards the crane!
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    Landing pieces flat

    I can land a piece flat with out a flip. Mini humbolt/bypass notch and cut it free when proper angle is achieved. Make sure you have a good sized (power) saw and sharp chain so you can cut it free when you want. Same theme works with "darting" big tops, that won't fit if they lay out after...
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    Bandit 90xp chipper.

    We have a bandit 90 with 65hp. They make them with 35hp engines too, which would be painfully under powered. Honestly anything under 50hp imo would be under powered. As mentioned, sharp knives adjusted to kiss a new anvil will slice like scissors versus hammering like a hatchet.
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    3 legged ladder source

    I have the 6' and a 12' hasegwas. they do make a 16' They are super stable. Amazingly light. Every one who has used one for what ever purpose have said, "wow, that's a nice ladder!" A customer of mine became a dealer and I bought two from her as soon as I saw them, she delivered them to my house.
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    Black locust thorns- infections

    The thorns are not usually sharp looking, they can look like the beginning of a small branch or shoot. Many do not realize they even have them for a bit till they push hard enough.
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    Crazy roofer

    If I think some one has a problem with me, I confront it asap! I get right into their world quick, with a smile, introduction and hand out for a shake. Kill them with kindness and make them look like an asshole if they want to be one. Works every far. We had some painters next door...
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