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    Mistletoe and its interesting side

    I don't quite follow the way in which this article is insulting to anyone? Challenge preconceived notions and you are always rebuffed by emotional rhetoric. Let us perhaps be contented by the idea that the thousand and even million year relationships between plant species may reveal to us...
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    Popular take down in Amsterdam

    I like the forwarder. Great logistics! Was the crane assembled solely for the tree removal, or did fate just so happen to place one for other construction?
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    Pic of the year! 2012

    K I can't decide which ones I like best. So instead of 2, I've done 4. Hopefully the amphibious X doesn't get too peeved.
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    Buttcatch log lowering video

    As a contract climber, like Jomo, I hedge bets. Death by a thousand cuts, they say. My prices and rates are good enough, and I'm productive enough that I've not experienced any disatisfaction with my work if I decide to work more conservatively, and go smaller. There are times when there is no...
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    Buttcatch log lowering video

    Oy Vey!
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    Now we don't like trees no more

    Re: Now we don\'t like trees no more Similar situation here after a windstorm four or five years ago. People are still leary. But we don't want to understand why building a home into a wooded area, removing edge trees to expose the trees in the center of the grove and then building underneath...
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    Husqvarna 562

    Ed. you're not the only one who noticed the oil issue. A fellow out of Man. reported the same.
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    Arboreal Symbiotic Integration Harnesses

    Have you seen it happen, or is it simply conjecture?
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    Husqvarna 562

    I like a 24" bar, in that vid I posted that is the length of bar I'm using. Less bending when limbing. The real issue of using a longer bar & chain than recommended is due to the potential safety problem for throwing a chain. One opens up the potential for the chain to hit the operator when...
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    Backyard Ash Removal

    Like an inertia brake? I meant hedge your bets, Ricky. It seems like you do things intentionally, why not err on the side of safety. I use rip cuts almost exclusively on crane removals, or when picking with the rigging...that is only on lifting procedures when directional control is not...
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    What if?

    I'd become a venture capitalist, investing in local business. I'd also buy a property to plant an arboretum and start a permaculture farm. Help out my family, pay off mortgages and such. I love tree work, and would become very selective about the work and clients I take on. I'd have several...
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    Arboreal Symbiotic Integration Harnesses

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Cool idea.
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    Arboreal Symbiotic Integration Harnesses

    Ya...I can picture it...I think! It seems interesting, but it also seems as though you'd have to thread one end in, rather than it being midline attachable. Unless the ring could be compromised and reset.
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    Backyard Ash Removal

    I mostly think that tree work is a hedge your bets kind of deal. Which you seem to avoid doing....the lack of face cut will come back to bite you in the arse one day, trust me. Oh...and nice clean up. You git er done though!
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    SRT - Pandora's Box?

    Re: SRT - Pandora\'s Box? Hopefully here in Canada, the regulators with no experience will defer to practitioners with lifetimes of experience...or at least compromise with the intent of allowing pragmatism to rule. In BC, it is technically still mandatory to use spikes, and a flipline (but...

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