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    When people try to do their own treework

    A pal and I bid a blown out maple top, urban area, between two houses (~25 foot drop zone), nowhere to tie in above, limb caught up in the branch below. Another limb on this same tree had crushed another tenants car before. We gave a price, and heard the landlord is cheap, wouldn't pay it. My...
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    Looking to sub climber(s) or experienced ground person(s) or experienced mini skid operator in central MA

    Good day, I am here in Southern Rhode Island, would be able to travel to some parts of your area. I have all basic tools for a climber, and carry basic insurance (covering tree work on a property management level, looking to expand coverage too). I have been doing forestry, firewood, fruit...
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    Glued splices

    I think you are spot on. clamp the mold over the ropes and figure how to squeeze it in there. and it's true, epoxy is less strong to impacts, where other flexible adhesives exist. it's always intriguing mixing the technologies across fields. the x-rings are a great example of that. next...
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    Glued splices

    I did boat-building with fiberglass and carbon-fiber seasonally for a few years. I have a few thoughts. First impression is that sewn splices work. It would be challenging to get epoxy to saturate rope, it would likely pour all over the place. If a syringe were poked between a few strands...
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    Starting out

    Thanks for the messages! I am also starting out solo right now... I got out of tree work a few years ago because I could make more doing carpentry, boat-building, high-end stuff, as a subcontractor. Yet I realize I can't work inside so much. Things slowed down this spring and I started...

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