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    Chainsaw Pants for the summer?

    clogger zeros breathflex have an odd it to me , little hotter and heavier then the cloggers , but maybe more durable
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    2019 ITCC

    James was 3rd
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    Charlotte TCC's can of worms

    Shawn Welch
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    Charlotte TCC's can of worms

    Theres a local Park near me that has had the comp a few times and the trees literally have no ill effects that I have noticed . WE did a workshop in the workclimb tree and I literally couldnt tell it had ever been climbed . But most of the trees are Bur oaks and have really thick Bark , so I...
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    Charlotte TCC's can of worms

    Seems like it would be alot better on the trees if they didnt use the same parks for consecutive years .
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    Domain Name

    Ryan this might be something i wanna look into
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    1997 F350 7.3L diesel truck

    no employees ?
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    HD Retractable Reels

    what are they for
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    2018 TCC Chron List / Dates
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    Chest attachment
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    Canopy TIP

    Most Canopy anchors I use will be retrieved with redirects in mind. I use a dmm ring , teufelberger thimbl climb and my favorite is the Texas tug with a pinto pulley. I will use a running bowline with a yosemite if I know I am going to advance it higher later . Also I like to the ART twinline...
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    work clothes

    i really like the clogger zero chainsaw pants
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    Minnesota TCC

    Mariah Lundstrum for the women!
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    Texas TCC

    Winners from this years competition Miguel Pastenes (10th time) Star Hansen Quintero (2nd time)

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