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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    Nah, it is really him I think. He is totally capable of betraying his own supporters now that he is facing removal and very serious consequences after basically carrying this BS way too far. He is moving differently than his normal egotistical posturing and strutting because he is having to...
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    Great article:
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    I forget who said this: 'When stupidity and ignorance masquerades as patriotism, it becomes dangerous to be intelligent.'
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    Winter is coming....

    Cruel bugger! One of these rotten winters, a bunch of us are going to land on you and you better have a spare bedroom.
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    Pacific Northwest Recreational Tree Climbers

    I am right over on Lopez Island in the San Juans. We have some fantastic trees here that I have permission to climb. And I love an excuse to come to Port Townsend!
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    2020—Good cheer for the Holidays

    Yes, Merry Christmas everyone. And my best wishes for the New Year and a safe journey thru these trying times.
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    Questions and concerns about "The Snip" for male climbers

    I had it done years ago when my late wife found out she had a serious heart issue and could not have more children. No problems at all. It was not a pleasant experience, to be sure, but was over quick and I drove myself home and was back at work in two days. No real after-pain after that...
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    In the name of Health and Safety... I give you vandalism by the Woodland Trust UK

    The UK has a similar problem as here in the US, where people are ready at the drop of a hat to sue over a twit hitting them in the head or stubbing their toe on a piece of large gravel. The legal profession is the root of so much grief and unnecessary expense.
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    Reliable DIY power ascender

    I use my modified RollGliss/DeWalt power ascender this way, with a ZZ/RW just above it as my life support and working rig. The power ascender comes off the rope as soon as I am at height.
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    The GOP will quietly try every dirty trick in their playbook, to hang onto control of the Senate and stonewall any good that Biden tries to do.
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    Seeking Used New Tribe Twist

    That's great your husband shares the adventure with you! Good luck with your climbing. I am 68 and have found that this is the best exercise I have ever engaged in. I come down from a tree feeling about twenty five again.
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    Seeking Used New Tribe Twist

    You will like the Twist if you find one. I use mine for rec climbing when I have to hike any distance. It is much lighter than my Onyx. BTW, I am right over in the San Juans.
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    Covid got me climben

    I have been a cat person most of my life and dogs can tell! I have been attacked by every breed, even normally harmless fluffy lap dogs. Invariably the owner says, 'Oh he has never done that before, he is SO sweet'. Even had a chihuahua do a number on my ankle that took seven stitches. They...
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    Best Thanksgiving wishes to all

    Here's hoping all of you Stateside have a great (and safe) Thanksgiving tomorrow! Raining like hell here for days but the sun just came out and I am going climbing!

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