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    In search of good winter climbing gloves

    I got these last year at Rural King. Really only used them for iron injections on tons of pin oaks in the chilly autumn, since it’s basically impossible to pull the injector t’s without soaking your hands with rust-water. They really are totally waterproof (good for snow or irrigation) but I...
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    New elevator bucket for $225k. Recommendations.

    Custom Truck One Source.
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    College football fans

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    Ditch Witch SK650 general discussion

    It is accessible, you just have to creep the machine forward until the zerk faces front. Not certain but I think a flexible grease hose is required to reach it. I think those are the only two greaseable points on the machine. As far as intervals, I’m not sure how often DW recommends. We...
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    Ditch Witch SK650 general discussion

    @colb Offhand I’d say we have 1600 hours on ours. Never had any issues other than track changes. Probably due. I assume you grease the front rollers regularly?It’s a little disheartening to know that preventative maintenance isn’t really enough. :nocausagracia:
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    I felt precisely the same way under Clinton. (Although I wasn’t actually under Clinton, like some poor girls).
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    Covid Close To You

    At times I feel the need to inject a tiny bit of sanity into these conversations. If you’re currently panicking over COVID, maybe this will help. But probably not: If you multiply the current number of dead by 13 times, you would still be at LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of the US population. Gotta...
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    I do believe there is widespread voter fraud, though I suspect it is not “massive” or highly coordinated. I think Election Day should be just that. One day. Mail in voting (with the exception of absentee) is undeniably an invitation to fraud. The easier it is to vote, the easier it is to cheat...
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    You know what they say… If you owe the bank $1 million, you have a problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, the bank has a problem.
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    Y'All Use a Tree Trolley?

    Good ideas, nice build. If I could offer one idea for improvement, it would be to raise the handle so that the rear of the trolley doesn’t drag as low when walking. I use the Arbortrolley and even with the raised handle I still occasionally find long branches acting as a brake when they drag too...
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    Rayco RG 50

    Sorry it took so long. Hope you can make sense of the mess of hoses.
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    My point is, some things are just funny. It’s still ok to laugh.
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

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    Trial run

    Hey @rico curious what about YouTube turns you off. Personally I have never set up an account with them because of all the info they demanded at the outset. They wanted my cell phone number in addition to all the usual stuff. Just seemed like I was giving away too much info to giant corporate...
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    Rayco RG 50

    I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

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