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    You don't have to put your email address in if you don't want information. Its pretty simple.
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    I wonder what the next Rope Runner color will be....

    I tried for a long time to get a raw heat-treated metal look like you see here: But just couldn't make it happen. Either way, I'm fairly certain you guys will think the next color released is the best Rope Runner yet. I really dig the two-tone orange and silver model though and definitely...
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    The information posted is whats available. It's pretty clear that there is going to be an event in N. Cal. If you don't want to be on the mailing list for the event then you don't have to sign up. Not sure what all the ruckus is for. A PLUS Tree and TreeStuff Present Treetopia Powered by Jambo...
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    Since we have Tom’s email address we won’t be inviting anyone else I guess, no need to let anyone sign up to receive information on an event. ROFL
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    Yes Greg, we accidentally published the phone numbers of our volunteers, 4(?) years ago. I’m sorry. Asking for an email address to send info is pretty benign.
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    Treetopia Edit: y’all need to relax. Also your definition of ‘phishing’ is a little off. It’s an event, if you don’t want information about it don’t put in your email address.
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    Question on if I should return the rope I purchased

    Glad you called in and got it sorted. To the comment that it was a second quality rope intentionally sold as 1st quality, that doesn't happen. The rope companies don't do that and either does any retailer I know of.
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    The Aerial Friction Brake is here!

    The AFB bollards were extruded aluminum. They should have been thicker, but the weight was a concern. We discontinued it because of slow sales.
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    Tree Stuff problem

    There's no change to our shipping policy, if you get an errant result on the site, please let us know! Send a screenshot. If you somehow got charged for shipping you shouldnt, that's a mistake and we will absolutely remedy it, please just let us know.
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    Aerial Friction Brake Discontinued

    We discontinued the AFB because of slow sales. Over the years we had some deformations of the bollards, but never a critical failure. In each instance the unit had been used above the SWL, we replaced them all free of charge.
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    Air launchers, and pneumatic line lifting devices

    Im interested, what is the patent #?
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    Brand/company Q's...Is Notch owned by Sherrill? What brands are worth/not-worth buying from?

    There have been so many ludicrous and completely unfounded assertions, sly suppositions and every other type of declaration, inference, and intonations made in this thread that I simply can't and won't even try to address them all anymore. What I can say is that most of what user: ihearttrees...
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    Life at Bartlett, employee perspectives

    I worked for Davey, great decision. One of the best ways to get real benefits, retirement, insurance and education in this industry. Bartlett is a great company!
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    NEW TreeStuff Website!

    Before, we did NOT save any type of payment info. We've upgraded our security and services to the point where we can save that info. Lots of websites (like amazon, and the place I get my dogfood) save payment info, I think it's awesome. Saving multiple addresses and different ship to locations...
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    NEW TreeStuff Website!

    We are getting reports that the domain hasn't propagated to DNS servers everywhere. That's a gibberish response for 'it's taking time for all the routers and such everywhere to figure out the new route.