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    CCW while you climb?

    Yesterday I was at a property next to my rental about to take a pole saw to a maple in front yard. I was in side yard talking to customer, when I heard a truck race down street, then a loud pop, then a bunch of yelling followed by squealing tires. The other neighbor came over a said his car had...
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    Yes, new .043 bar with .043 gauge chain. You can technically run .043 chain on .050 bar in a pinch, but it's not a good thing. You will wear bar and chain drivelinks in an improper way over time. Not to mention what happens in the kerf because the chain can tilt. Don't dismiss those older .050...
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    Brush trailers

    Sometimes we take the straps off and put more on if we think we need to.
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    Flowering tree- yellowwood?

    Flatwoods plum
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    Brush trailers

    I have a 6x12x2, which is 5.3 cu-yd. I routinely get 8-10 cu-yd stacking like @Tom Dunlap and others mentioned, then ratcheting down with several heavy duty straps. With some practice pile will compress to 1/2-2/3 of what you started with.
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    Comment by 'Birdyman88' in media '3:1 DWT with RnW and OmniBlock Pulleys'

    Man I use this setup all the time without the wrench, but a porty down low. I feel almost nothing up top. I give it some slack up top and let it run down to the a favorable angle. I love this setup.
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    Chinese ms200?

    I made a post here to get it off this thread, good luck
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    Stihl 201T Mtronic Fix

    I posted some stuff over on OPE forum regarding possible fix for the idle issue with the 201T. This should also apply to other mtronic as well. The M0.8x5 n-but o-ring was critical because it's tiny and that hole is a tight fit. But, you use can these Orings on both V2 and V3 solenoids. If you...
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    Chinese ms200?

    Reason I ask is I had a 201 with a V2 solenoid exhibit that. I fixed mine with some aftermarket o-rings I came up with spec for. I also pulled a V3 solenoid from another saw and that fixed it too. It sucks that Stihl won't just offer up a replacement V3 solenoid after charging their prices for...
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    Anyone use a rangefinder?

    Nikon RifleHunter since 2011. Golf, hunting, shooting, tree work has been flawless. I have literally put a stake in the ground for a couple of customers marking where the tips will end up and nailed it each time. It is very accurate. I use it on 75% of jobs. Limitation is 10 yard minimum...
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    Chinese ms200?

    What problems with the mtronics are you guys speaking of? I know the v2 solenoids going bad is a common one.
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    What tree is this?

    Pignut hickory? Bark is smooth relative to shagbark, shallow with woven ridges.
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    I found the link. Study the chain pics closely and read I wrote about the cutting performance of each. Point is, your "happy place" can be found with either the .050 or the .043. I don't have pic of a worn Oregon .050, but it somewhat mimicks a new Stihl .043 in both dimensions and performance...
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    My 2511 has two .050 chains. One has had many more filings than the other and the leading edge of the cutter on the worn one is much further back from the leading edge of the raker than the newer one. The worn one cuts like butter and throws nice little pieces, the newer one grabs a lot more and...
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    Sterling HTP Static Rope - 9mm for Ddrt?

    In terms of weight, if you're only shooting for only about 60 ft of rope, you are looking at 2.5 lbs for sterling 9mm htp. If you went up to a full 1/2" like teufelberger safety blue (13 mm), you wou be at about 3.8 lb for 60 ft. Honestly, the weight wouldn't be noticeable. But, I would rather...

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