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I wear 5.11 almost exclusively, except for work pants and saw pants. I wear the taclite pros at work (ropes course) and love them there. I am required to wear tan, and the stone color works perfectly. I don't wear them outside of work, because I messed them up with some superglue stains. Since I walk around with a harness a lot, but still need my phone accessible but secure, I love the low cargo pockets for this, because they ride well below the leg loops. The strap on the right back pocket is very hand for hanging a radio when not in a harness.
Fun fact: 5.11 started as a climbing company, the taclite pros are from a time when they still made climbing stuff.
My everyday wear pants are the 5.11 stryke and apex pants, which are much better than the taclites. They have much higher cargo pockets with dividers, which is great for EDC, but not for use with a harness. Also, they stretch a little bit, which is nice. The Apex pants are made from a lightweight, superstrong strech canvas, which makes them the nicest feeling pants I have ever worn, they feel super soft, but still strong.
I also have the Ridgeline pants, which don't have cargo pockets. I really liked them, but being as stupid as I am, I ruined them with superglue too. I might start using them for rec climbing, they are the most flexible and lightweight pants I own.
Hey @climbstihl that is a great review. If you would be interested in getting a pair of our climbing pants and doing a similar review send me a message with your details and sizing and I will send you a pair. They are super light (approx 500g) very strong and crazily stretchy. I would love to hear how they compare.


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