An oldie but a goodie! This was a test run in Canberra for Red Bull Branched Out a few months ago and look at Sam Hardingham go in the final round! Climbers, if you have been craving a major freestyle tree climbing comp, this is your chance to shine! This is nothing like the traditional style -- there's very little rules. You just need to get in and out of the set circuit in the fastest way possible! Are you up for the challenge?

There are climbers currently registered from the US, UK, NZ and Aus. It's an international event that will be showcased on RedBull.TV so get your game face on!

Registrations close on 29th September and capped at 100 climbers so get in quick at

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Check out the new TV commercial by Balranald Shire Council promoting Red Bull Branched Out and Balranald's 5 Rivers Outback Festival! Registered climbers get entries to both events -- exciting times ahead!!

Remember that registrations close THIS FRIDAY 29th September! Sign up now via

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Any idea when it will be on red bull’s site? I downloaded the Red Bull app also but last time I checked I couldn’t find anything


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what are the rules on gear. I noticed a lot of SRT climbing in the videos from last year but not in the videos from this year.
what are the rules on gear. I noticed a lot of SRT climbing in the videos from last year but not in the videos from this year.
This was our Chairman's response to a similar past query:

Thank you for your questions in relation to rope lengths, I would like to provide a blanket response to everyone about all equipment. It is the intention of this event not to prescribe equipment or varying approaches to how equipment should or could be used. The event overview clearly explains the requirement on equipment and PPE. We suggest you think outside the box and be creative for this event.

From the organisers’ perspective, we are very focused that the Red Bull Branched Out Event is deemed a sport. At no time should it be considered a 'traditional tree climbing competition'. The organisers of the event have clearly focused on the circuit being an adrenaline and exhilarating pumped course for both the competitors competing and spectators who are watching the competitors run and swing through the tree's open canopy.

This event is not about looking pretty, it is not about technique and who has the most polished gear hanging on their harness getting tangled in the branches, because there are no points awarded on techniques or equipment used during the circuit. It is about physical strength and fitness to be able to complete the circuit in the fastest possible time.

The test event held earlier this year has shown that competitors competing with 'traditional tree climbing competition' mentality have really struggled to complete the circuit and have not ranked highly in time. Competitors are strongly advised to change their training regime to ensure you can physically operate at your maximum potential, compare it to a 100-metre sprint. Competitors must remember, there is no other event to redeem yourself if you have a poor circuit time, this is a sudden death event. Competitors must understand when you complete the circuit you will be physically spent if you have not trained.

To help determine the rope length, all we are prepared to offer on this matter is the tree being used for the finals of the Red Bull Branched Out Event is around 30 metres tall with a similar canopy spread measurement.

Craig Hallam - Chair - Arboriculture Australia Ltd​