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I got an early model bdb and it is just amazing. The thing which keeps surprising me is how I can swith up ropes and it tends almost the same with all of them and I never adjusted it. Ran it on Ivy, drenaline, arbormaster bluestreak, Yale xtc srt and drt. Sappy rope, wet rope...


I agree with TreeVB. Both are great! I use both on single leg at times and they both smooth. I have a 20’ tri tech sewn eye coming for the zillion. The ART I use mostly in trees. The zillion I also use as single leg choker to my bridge when trimming or removal on cocos. Wet, dry, dirty or new. They both just work. Hindsight, I would have gotten the ART positioner with swivel.


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I’m just a sucker about gear sometimes. I have good quality gear that performs amazingly, and yet still want to try this, that, and the other thing every time I hear good things from reputable reviewers.
Got a Zillon, a Cinch, a Vergo for thin lines, rope grabs, and hitch cords up the wazoo, but still want to try a Positioner and a Hipster. Also I like the Akimbo on a lanyard if it’s not being used on a climbing system.

There’s worse things to be addicted to, but the struggle is real.
How do you like the Vergo?


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The Vergo functions and behaves very very much like the Cinch, but needs smaller than 11mm, at least according to the device instructions and specs. Max 10.9mm... now I’m curious how bad it’d really be on 11. I’ll try it on some Fly or Velocity. I’ve been using it on a bit of 10mm Sterling WorkPro. It’s nice but if there’s no chance of everything getting wet, I’d choose a hitch and micro pulley over it. If you run across a nice sale on it, I’d say go for it, but I wouldn’t buy it for the usual MSRP of 100$ US.

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