IL early fall climbing and rigging workshop


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Checked the site today. The climbing tree is a huge sycamore. 75' tall with about 110" spread. Can use some weight reduction pruning.
The removal is a dead red oak near the road. Bucket access is great. We can do drift lining, lifting with a GRCS, slide line, spar work and whatever else suits your fancy.
We still need more attendees, bring your climbing gear. There's lots of room in the sycamore for climbers.


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It went very well. Great weather, good trees and very energetic students. The class ran from 8:00a.m. till 3:00p.m. both days. Everybody was early and we ended up staying till around 5:00p.m. Lots of fun and learning. This was the tree we used for the climbing portion.



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Norm & Todd made numerous offers for everyone to climb. Those who wanted to, did so.

They also extended the workshops past the schedule by 2 - 3 hours each day.
They then stayed several more hours for discussion, questions, etc.

Thanks Norm & Todd.
See Ya'll Again Soon,


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I know 3 folks in the springfield area who might go next time, plus mice elf.

And I know of 2 humongous 250+ year old bur oaks in Athens that would be great to climb. One has some cool rigging challenges.

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