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Re: Class is almost full!

How did the techcord grab for you?
That was 5/16 right?



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Re: Class is almost full!

Worked amazing till I jammed it full of pine pitch. Big pine removal. I got some pics of the trunk, some pretty amazing reaction wood on a heavy leaning 30"x90ft pine.

I understand now what you meant about removing the extra length on the lanyard prussik, pretty glaring actually. I went with the 4 wrap to start until I get comfortable with things. On PI climbing line. Probably play with the 3 wrap knut soon enough.

Awesome hitch, thanks guys!!!

And yes, 5/16" for the tech cord. Melissa might have better input as shell put alot more time on it than I will if she uses that chunk I gave her, but then again she's on 1/2" line, not 7/16, so might be a bit grabbier