Addressing hitch binding with the Rope Wrench on descent


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I've posted this before, but this tree was about 220 give or case youre wondering how it looks ip thete Tim. A skinny one mind, whilst the one I may or may not get to prune is a big old fat thing.

I've pruned others that have been up and around 170.....but it makes sense to work a tree that size in vertical spans, ie a top half and a bottom half. 2 x 200 ft lines will get it done.
Holy shit thats up there..good job man. Ive watched alot of your videos on youtube. But this is either the first post of yours i came across on here. Or just the first time i noticed who it was.


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After using a large majority of the lines available for SRS ive found tying the Michoacan with 28" HRC is my go to as it will always do its job. I fine tune it afterwards with different cordage and lengths. Recently I went to a 30" OP using a 6 wrap Michoacan and it runs like using a mehanical.


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ive been running a 28" 8mm ocean tied in a 4 wrap catalyst hitch with the rope wrench and drenaline for a year now and its worked flawlessly every single time no matter what the weather is doing. using a figure 8 for descents i get 6 months out of the hitch cord. very good combo worth a try for sure.

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