200T vs T540xp

ha ha allready wearing these trousers for some time ;-)
nice vid with Arian Essenstam from husqvarna Netherlands ;-)

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Video was crazy!Stihl ms200T vs T540xp hmmm...Hucky is to quiet runs like its a 4 cycle the way the handle when it is hooked to your saddle puts the bar in the back of your leg...Stihl ms200T saw screams over anything running warning the still wet behide the ears greenhorns heads up,No problem starting back in a cut as you watch what a large branch is going to do.Most dont like this saw cause they have not learned how to control the gas they give it...Dont need to rap your saw out to make a cut just burn the chain up.so for me stihl ms200T keeps me working fast helps keep the greenhorns on their toes.
Sounds like you allready used the T540XP 1deathrider ???

or is this just all what you could make up from the short vid....

No worries soon we will have the real thing over here for testing it to the max :)

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The 200t is as far as I am concerned the best climbing saw that's ever made.
Is runs way longer on a tankfull of fuel and the power is way better tha
n the husqvarna climbing saw.
I haven't got a problem with the air filter jamming.
Great saw. Got two of them plus a 192. They run almost every day and are hardly ever out of service.
I LOVE my 200T! Just like many of you, I maintain it and it works hard for me every day. I had a chance to try out a 201T a few days ago and didn't like it as much as my 200T. It didn't seem to rev up as quick and it definitely didn't cut as fast (despite having a new chain).
Can't comment on the Husky's cause I've never tried them. I was too impressed with my Stihl to climb with anything else.


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Love Husky but man why didn't buddy put them into some wood? I don't throw dust on my saw, I cut wood! Hard to change over to husky top handles when I have like 7 or 8 200t's.


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I have to give Husqvarna credit, they do a lot for our industry and they produce first class saws. I have a 372xp that I think I'm gonna bronze and mount on the wall if it dies before me. However, when it comes to climbing saws its the 200t all the way. Somebody mentioned that it produced more decibels than the little husky. That's because it's a beast in the tree.That noise calls out potential customers. Nobody ever hears my silky and comes out to see what's going on.

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