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    Lifetime of hollow braid slings

    Follow Nice Guy Dave on Instagram. Just put up some videos of him breaking my 1yr old heavily used but well taken care of 5/8 Tenex slings. Less than stellar results. The stuff is cheap. 1 year max!
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    2016 Crane Safety Climber School

    No mean people allowed!
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    Today's Job

    You guys actually work?
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    please be careful!!!

    He works for Samson.
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    Pixie dust in Penn-Del

    Actually it was Sawdust running through the tree that created the wave that will carry him to Australia. My best regards to a great freind and competitor. Way to bring it Rob.
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? Do you mean this one G?
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? R.I.P.
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    pen del results?

    Results are up.
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    Diameter on footlock sling

    I roll with 7mm as well. Never had an issue. Knots.
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    Another boot thread

    I'd go with the Glacier over the Makulu. The Glacier offers a little more flexibility. I've gotten 10 years (yep, that's right, 10 years) out of my La Sportive Lhotse. I've had them resoled once in that time by Dave Page. A cobbler in Seattle. They finally gave up this year and I'm not sure If...
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    pen del results?

    Thanks Ed. How's SOG treating ya? I did get to do the BSC. We were the second group to go through. Great tree. Great line but the belay set up was awful. It cost me time. I know it did and maybe others as well. With the exception of the first few feet I didn't use the rope at all and at least 3...
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    TreeBuzz T-Shirts

    Thanks Booby.
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    TreeBuzz T-Shirts

    I'm still sporting an original. It's held up well over the past 8+ years or so.
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    pen del results?

    I'd curious about the times from the belayed speed climb.
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    SE Pa. Climbers, PHC/Spray Technician

    Here's a start; Be a well rounded climber on top of your game Show up everyday Have a good attitude

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