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    Compact Bulldog OAR

    picture from a compact Bulldog OAR user in Hawaii, Thanks Ethan.
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    Complex cat-in-a-tree rescue

    Good Thinking!
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    Customer wants solution to his pile of wood problem

    Wife and I did a pig roast PNG style for our church. The river rocks in the fire pit turned a sort of translucent white towards the end of the burn.
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    Make Us Laugh :)

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    dusted off an old rope

    Brown Recluse. : )
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    Why do a down payment on bigger jobs?

    A deposit, or "Ernest Money". is a good way to mitigate those clients who are simply price shopping, and are prone to cancel if they find a cheaper price, messing with your schedule. Having said that, I never ask for a deposit if the job is under 1000.
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    Rigging tripod or A frame

    Probably not what you have in mind exactly, but dad made an A frame from two pipes that would slip over the two arms on the back of our Allis-Chalmers tractor (the two arms that are normally used to hydraulically raise and lower implements), with a block at the apex. Then he bolted a winch...
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    Picture diagnosis

    This was a lighting strike about 60' from our front porch. While we home.
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    Songs of Perfection

    This guy also sings with Rachael Price with great harmonies in the same 50's style.
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    GRCS Mistake & Failure (video found online)

    Did you notice the squirrel bailing out in the OP video?
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    Logging and Milling in Montana, 1930s

    How fortunate to have that record in photos. My grandfather (who was killed by a drunk driver just before I was born) also ran a sawmill operation in Minnesota near Bagley/Bemidji area. He moved his mill from site to site also.
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    What was your humble beginnings like?

    Cool Bug! I worked for awhile for a fellow surveyor who worked out of a Bug also.
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    red cedar tree fungus

    Yes, I would say that the Cedar is in the heavy shade under mature hardwoods, but not with a congested branch structure. It is a sort of run of the mill red cedar that only my sister seems to have much regard for (she loves cedars). There is a pear tree about 100' away. She is concerned also...
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    two 8mm ropes, one Bone. You can tell it is stiff to tend, but seems to work.
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    The adjustable Bulldog Bone ships with a top arm gap of 0.57x0.51 and a bottom arm gap of 0.50x0.62. I have heard of one user removing the top bollard altogether with Vortex.

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