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    Days in Maine

    Skim of ice over half of a beaver pond.Shady cove iced over
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    Pain in hands after climbing

    Awesome, thanks for the detailed routine!
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    Who here uses a Kanga mini?

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    Any recovering addicts here?

    Fell off the sugar wagon hard last week, polished off bags of gummy bears in single sittings, soda, gas station pastries... Getting close to a year without drinking and sugar still has a fucking tight grip.
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    Rigging Prusiks - A General Discussion

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    The Past 4 Years

    All administrations need to be fact-checked, this one in particular. An article with “China Virus” is probably straight propaganda.
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    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec 9 pages of lanyards to wade through! Swing’s pic is on this one
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    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec

    5 wraps for a lanyard??? Try 2-3 with the right length. Micho for me, used distel and 3wrap vt for a while, using beeline on blaze. Swing posted a pick of his 2:2 VT lanyard which looked slick. The length of tails makes all the difference or putting in a twist etc. lots and lots of threads.
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    Harken riggong winch 500

    @CutHighnLetFly did you decide to get one?
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    Work Photos

    Sweet shot with the turkey vulture
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    Chip boxes made out of wood? Waterproofing them?

    Use exterior stain vs paint. There are good options at most box stores for 5gal pails (cabot, olympic, behr, superdeck). Or go to paint stores and ask for stain returns, I stained the plywood for mini-mats with $10 gals from sherwin williams....
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    Iso: books?

    I have a couple Michael Philips books on orcharding and Storeys Guide on orcharding which are good reads and have lots of ins and outs. Mycelium Running is a fantastic book. American Canopy by Eric Rutkow(sp?) is a good one for history. I recommend reading books on soil science and...
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    Iso: books?

    Wow, congrats!

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