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    Best motorized backpack sprayer?

    Oh wow, you've been really helpful. I'll start over now and will look deeper into hand pump ones. Thank you!
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    Best motorized backpack sprayer?

    It's an old thread I've found, but I need help with buying a new sprayer. I have a Solo 425 rn but I don't like it that much. The spray wand is plastic. Straps keep getting loose. No handle. Which one will be an upgrade? I thinking about vivosun 4...
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    The science of yoga

    We got pretty popular goat yoga events in our ranch. It's super fun for kids and their moms. Each time my mind is like it's been boiled and cleaned.
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    Morning, evening or luchtime workout

    Dogs wake me up every morning and we run 2-3 miles. It keeps me in a good mood all day and full of strength. I've tried evening runs and didn't like it, I felt exhausted. But my husband is completely opposite, he works out before dinner, it helps him sleep well.
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    Mosquito applications

    Lemon and cloves for inside the house and black flag insecticide for outside.
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    I'm new here :tanguero:

    I'm new here :tanguero:

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