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    CI Footie?

    We'll see if we like it. Will resell if I don't. I use a Pantin now. Strictly recreational.
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    CI Footie?

    This thread cost me $88...for a Jet Step. :whistle:
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    College football fans

    2nd Thanksgiving with my side of the family in Columbia yesterday. After dinner the nephew and his wife had tickets to the Carolina game on the 20 yard line on the Clemson side. He called me half way in, lit to the gills and loving life. He's a Clemson fan. Probably because his favorite uncle...
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    Food Thread

    Down South Thanksgiving. Smoked turkey. Deep fried turkey. Smoked ham. 14 year old niece showed up with a huge cut/bump over her eye because she shot a deer this morning and bounced the scope of her .308 off her face. :numberone:
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    59 and holding. But not sure for how much longer! Won't ever again ride without a helmet. Caught this on my security camera. Would have denied it ever happened till I saw this, as I try to mitigate risk while enjoying challenging hobnies. I think I was tuning my carb.
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    68! I want to be like you when I grow up! (y)
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    Mine wa made 3/21. Inspected as instructed. Springy spring. No problem.
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    Post accident discussion

    Total Rookie Says: Never even thought of this technique. I do have a Petzl hand ascender, extra Pinto, so this will be the next thing I practice (albeit with the tail run through a carabiner on a thigh d-ring. So far I've used brute force and my foot ascender to return "up" to the stem after...
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    Yale Blaze, Hyperclimb, Poison Ivy ; characteristics

    Hyperclimb is the only rope I have ever owned. My experience is that it flattens out when I use a top anchor with a butterfly/Quickie or when I ran it over the 1" construction rods in my warehouse. It runs well on the Rope Runner Pro set around 3+. Also smooth with a Rope Wrench and Michuacan...
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    Yale Blaze, Hyperclimb, Poison Ivy ; characteristics

    Thanks. A total rookie here. :-)
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    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    Do you mean rubbing the top of the lips? Only touches there on weightless ascent. As soon as you put weight on it, it rotates counterclockwise (based on photo you posted), so rope is only touching the pulley.
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    Yale Blaze, Hyperclimb, Poison Ivy ; characteristics

    Total rookie here, but Hyperclimb definitely flattens out. Since it is all I run, the RRP works just right as set. I never milked the rope, so maybe that makes a difference?
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    Wesspur beginner's kit vs piecing gear out?

    I'm with southsoundtree; Caritool break. So they are expensive for what they do, which is one thing. I'm using a combo of extra locking biners and some Petzl Spirits. $4 cheaper than wire gate Caritool.

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