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    Treemotion harness

    He's in Charlotte
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    Hand Pruners?

    I've had and used Felco #2, I loved them until I bought ARS VS-9 pruners. I like them a lot more. Feels better in my hand, I like the spring more, and I seem to get better, cleaner cuts.
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    First Double Braid Splice

    Blast from the past. I'll likely get flamed for this but I have several life support spliced products I've spliced. Haven't broken any of them and I feel confident now that I understand more of the process and why's to it.
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    PPE Helmet

    Priceless on a mundane day of redundancy and having your tunes in as well.... can always beep in and speak to someone when need be. Keep the muffs "open" so you can hear others if need be.
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    SAKA update and answers to issues for fast climbers.

    Kicking myself over and over for not taking you up on snagging one at the Charlotte "special". The new employer gave me the "alternative" version and it's like a 1975 dogde pick up compared to a Ferrari. Heck my homemade job is better than the "alternative".
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    Injections can be a temporary solution, and can also burn a tree if not applied properly. At best it's a temporary solution into you can amend the soil to an acceptable level, and maintain.
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    It's a stretch...wtb used Arbor Trolley

    I love AT. Probably one of the best investments vs return out there, save a chainsaw. Never hit my foot that I can recall, but even if I did, what it does is so much more ergonomically sound that the alternative. I'm not a fan of ballcarts. I like them when that's my ONLY option. Been weighing...
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    Bonner Double Bag

    Nope. A stein and a Faltheimer.... dbag just taking up space like most other dbags
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    Bonner Double Bag

    Spend the money on a Faltheimer and be done. Don't get the BOnner bag. #noragrets
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    Awesome event. Thank you to everyone that was there. Oldoakman it was a pleasure to meet you at the oyster roast.
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    A TreeBuzz Loaner SAKA

    I appreciate it. I'll let you pass it off to the next person. I flew one this weekend at the Charlotte Comp. Awesome piece of equipment and Richard as an awesome guy! I'm a fan all the way around.
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    TreeStuff and SherrillTree Join Forces

    Needed something that I forgot to order from TS and ordered from Sherrill, since it's only 2hr away, and time is of essence. 3 phone calls today, all on hold due to higher than normal call volume? no matter what time I called. Haven't spoken to anyone yet, no shipping confirmation today that the...
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    Which Arkansas Pine is this?

    Shortleaf. Turtleshell like plated bark. If you look close, should be tiny resin blisters (tiny craters) in the bark.
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    DdRT Injuries

    Ring prussic with a revolver before I go out the limb if I'm going on a limb walk. Most of the time I just try to plan my climb where I can just about drop in from above to where I need to be.
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    I'm interested in the other two depending on price.

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