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    New elevator bucket for $225k. Recommendations.

    Terex will be the lowest. There’s a place in Virginia that cranks them out on freightliner chassis’s cheap. Used to be called FEVA. I forget the name right now.
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    Moving Chipper To The Brush

    Good luck moving a chipper with that little thing.
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    2003 F450 Chip Truck - suspension/leaf springs?

    This is good advice. Some springs get tired over time and others on the same truck might not get tired. A suspension shop could tell in quick time what you need.
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    Skid vs Mini Skid

    If I were the op I would make a note of all the jobs that would be excluded by not having a machine that fits through a 36” gate. I went back and audited my work load when I was looking at machines and found I rarely, maybe once every five months or so, needed that skinny machine. Those 34”...
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    Harken riggong winch 500

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    15 years of doing tree work and had my first property damage today.

    They can get scary big. There was three in a row on a state road over a couple tiny houses near the university of Rhode Island. Averaged about 38” or so dbh. They kept falling apart and missing the houses. It took the state years to finally remove them.
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    15 years of doing tree work and had my first property damage today.

    I get one mulligan a year. It’s always small. Had the hinge break prematurely on an aspen and the trunk landed on the guy’s shed while he was watching. We just fixed it that weekend. Took four shingles, some flashing and a 2x4.
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    Hooklift tips wanted.

    You’ll be good at 16. Mats can be brought with another truck or put in the bin. Sacrificing two feet for mats would be, eh, kinda a bad idea imo.
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    Lift Advice

    No german dic fittings. Niiiiice.
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    Groundsman Irrate Over Christmas Bonus Tax

    I pay my bonuses in cash but this year it was a week paid vacation for all my guys around Xmas plus a cash bonus. If your guy doesn’t like it being taxed then he can find another company. Sounds like a fucking baby.
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    Stump cleanup equipment

    These don’t work well if you have a chip box roof getting in the way.
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    In the name of Health and Safety... I give you vandalism by the Woodland Trust UK

    I just can’t take anything seriously from farage. He’s downplayed global warming consistently but here he’s making a case for carbon capture? Seems like a 180 to me.
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    Saw dust on cars

    I had this happen with supposed damage to a new stone patio. There was none, just bark scrapes on the stone. I power washed it off and there was nothing but the people pressed it so I filed a claim. The adjuster went and met with them twice, found no damage but still paid out 3k.
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    Saw dust on cars

    If they were informed of you working ahead of time then it’s on them. If not then your call. I would not pay. Sawdust is not damage.

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