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    Regrets going out on your own/words of caution?

    I sub contracted to slowly build my self employment endeavor. The network I created thru contract climbing, people let me rent their stuff, gave me work, and some of them now just give us the leads since we are a full service company now, outside of PHC. Now I did break up with some people...
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    Airspade 2000 for SALE $900

    I'm going go be mad if this is still available. I don't need it I just can't believe no one's bought it. 900???
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    Mechanical friction device

    @KevinS there was a list of series of serial numbers in question, not all from a certain generation. I truly don't think it's a device to he afraid of. That said, I have two bulldog bones and no zig zags. I'm honestly back to being mostly a ropewrench person
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    Petzl Eject new in the box

    I have a petzl Eject I purchased in a bundle of stuff from someone. It is brand new, in the box, with tags attached. I just couldnt pass up on the rest of the stuff from the bundle. I'll be back to post pictures here. Cost is $200 + shipping
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    Insane in the brain : tree removal with music

    Nice work with the balance point ties on the limbs Trav.
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    Upgrade from sena smh10?
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    Upgrade from sena smh10?

    I'm a huge smh10 fan. Ive had the 10R for a while and although the range is a little better the overall durability and battery life are not as good. And you can get smh10s for pretty cheap now
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    Vermeer chipper 1250 radiator in need

    1996 vermeer 1250
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    Vermeer chipper 1250 radiator in need

    Keep looking. We had to do aome searching. We were also told around 2k and ended up also getting one for around 900
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    Rope runner for trade or sell

    I have a petzl zillion and I used an art positioner for a bit. Still can't beat a proper knut hitch
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    Rope runner for trade or sell

    If you use bee line than you get ger away with an 8mm hitch cord. I'm with Rico, nothing better than a.a.good hitch and pulley set up
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    Cougar is great in the bone. Yale blue moon and varying colors is great too.
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    NEW STUFF ADDED New Tribe, HH2

    1st generation onyx. She getting a little seasoned
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    NEW STUFF ADDED New Tribe, HH2

    Disappointed I missed this one, as im planning on buying a new one soon. My saddle is definitely good to get through the summer so I have time to shop deals

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