It begins where most end. Meeting safety standards is not the final stage. It’s the starting point. It’s where we begin the journey.

From the Arborist looking up a tree trunk in New Jersey, the early morning sharpening of a chain in the mighty Kaingaroa, the weekend climb in the Dandenong Ranges, to the family-run home of Clogger in Invercargill, New Zealand. It’s a collaboration. A word here. A comment there. Revolution, refinement and reinvention – the shared knowledge of professionals.

It’s about using the best fabric, the best way. Each will have its own properties and own virtues – stretch, breathability, tear strength, durability, abrasion resistance. The denier, the density and the weave. The fibre and the filaments.

It’s about every little thing. Every single little thing. The perfect fabric demanding the perfect construction. There’s a magic to the right stitch in the right place. The right garment pattern transformed into the right product.

This is for those beneath the branches and those amongst the leaves. For those on the ground and those who climb.

This is for you.
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New Zealand
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