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    Stihl MS391 saw, 11 months old, 'dropped' its muffler

    I get where you're coming from, but to me 300$ more for 0.9 hp more, with 400g less weight, ist definitely worth it. That's not even taking into account the better construction of a pro saw.
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    Stihl MS391 saw, 11 months old, 'dropped' its muffler

    The next saw up would be the MS400C, not the MS462. The 400 ist a great saw, both spec wise, and in use. And from what I can see online, it should be about 300$ less than the 462. Looking at US saw prices makes me sad, compared to Germany... But at least we get new saws first
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    Question about a concept in art and science of practical rigging

    Not an expert on rigging, but as I understand it, witz aerial friction you get less load on the anchor point, because the forces would double when using a pulley, with more friction added, you get less load on the anchor point. You would get more shock absorption with using a pulley, so provided...
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    Assessment standards for arborists (climbing trees)

    Don't have the time or mind to say a lot about how it is here in Germany, but we have a course system, with 3 5 day courses required to be legally able to climb with a chainsaw. SKT A (SKT= Seilklettertechnik/ Rope climbing technique different from SZT= Seilzugangstechnik/ Rope access) SKT A...
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    I'm hoping to learn Re various chain-types for climbsaws (10"-->18" chain), not just "get Pro" but understanding the teeth/etc..

    I believe you are wrong about the 2511 coming with 1/4" .043 in europe, they come with 1/4" .050 It's nice that the come in 1/4" though, that saved me from having to swap the sprocket when I put a Stihl 1/4" .043" on mine. And I definitely wouldn't run .043" in a .050" bar, .043" comes with...
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    [saw & B&C reco's sought] My biggest saw is a 42cc/18"...w/ the storms coming I feel naked, uncertain what to buy :/

    That's a lot to unpack, I'm not even going to attempt to answer most of that, because I don't know enough about it. What I feel I can answer is why there are few options, especially cheap ones, for 60cc+ saws, most manufacturers (Stihl and Husqy atleast, Echo ist different, don't know about...
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    Hammock Recommendation

    Damn, yes, they have. Still worth it in my opinion though.
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    Hammock Recommendation

    You won't be disappointed. What's the going price right now? I bought mine in 2019, when I was in the states the last time. I believe I paid $44. Sadly, they're not available in Europe.
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    Hammock Recommendation

    Too late now, but the Kammok Roo diuble is a much better hammock than the Eno in my Opinion. I believe it's cheaper too. But is has a super nice fabric, gear loops, comes with carabiners and dyneema slings.
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    Rope Wrench Ascension OUCH!!

    I don't see how this is a bridge problem, sounds like your chest/neck tether is too tight. A shorter RW tether will definitely help too of course. An adjustable bridge is awesome, I have one on my Treemotion, and one fixed/ one adjustable bridge on my sequoia. That wouldn't help here though...
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    Climbing pants

    Clogger Spider. Don't use them that much in Trees, because they're not chainsaw protective, I currently use the Pfanner Arborist for saw use, might get some from PSS soon, they are the lightest, most breathable, but not great pockets, or the Arbortec breatheflex pro. I know the Clogged Zeros are...
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    Anyone able to recommend a full Haas Knee ascender setup ?

    Ah, very smart, I was thinking of a regular bowline at the end, which has no advantage (or disadvantage really) over an alpine at the end. I rarely use a bowline with a bight, so I didn't really have it on my radar. I might start using that technique myself though. Usually it's an alpine with a...
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    Anyone able to recommend a full Haas Knee ascender setup ?

    He means you can undo the knot if you have the tail, but he forgot that the alpine butterfly is exactly the same.
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    Carabiner accidentally opens after swing during a climb

    That carabiner has a huge design flaw, I feel safer on a simple twistlock than that thing. It can very easily happen that while opening it you continue to twist he locking sleeve, turning it into its "locked" position with the gate still open. This prevents the gate from closing at all.
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    Sequoia harness D rings and two bridges

    Yeah, I see that a lot with new people I train at work, we only use full body harnesses, and if I take them out tree climbing and give them a sit harness they feel a little unsafe. I used to really hate tops on harnesses, until I attached a chest ascender, it makes having a top worth it to me...

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