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    Adjustable rope bridge rope grab/cam

    No, but I've never found it to be an issue, that of course depends on how you use the adjustable bridge.
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    Rust in carburetor?

    Thanks, that good to know. it seemed really out of place to me...
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    Rust in carburetor?

    Thanks, I knew about the gauge, was thinking about getting one at the dealer's tomorrow, I didn't know you could use a straight edge across the bottom.
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    Battery Powered Chainsaw/Hedge Trimmer

    I attempted to use the Stihl MSA120 in 8°C/ 45°F temperatures recently, and it would quit as soon as I touched wood with it. That being said, that is not a professional saw. Also, all our Makita tools at work (about 15, and 20-25 batteries, old and new) work completely normally in those...
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    Pinto Pulley, Pulling Slack

    but you shouldn't have to, most systems, including the rope wrench and akimbo, already have a pulley incorporated. I will admit that the pulley on the pinto is not the best, so it might make a difference there.
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    Rust in carburetor?

    Maybe someone used a metal gas can before, but not in the time I've had it. I have to get it running before being able to use it for a month and inspect it then.
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    Rust in carburetor?

    No, it's definitely rust.
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    Rust in carburetor?

    I don't know the history of the saw and carb, I've only had it for about 3 months. The flooding didn't start right after the carb rebuild, and I didn't rebuild it, so I don't know if the metering lever was set correctly, And I don't have a way of checking. I think it might be set to high, or...
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    Rust in carburetor?

    I just noticed rust in the area of the carb where the impulse line comes in. Is that something to be concerned about? It doesn't appear to be clogged because of that. I also noticed a small hole in the cover on the metering side. I'm not sure that's supposed to be there. The carb is a Walbro...
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    Zipline tree advice...

    I think you could attach to the large straight tree, and use the slanted tree as the entrance point for the zipline to avoid hitting it when riding.
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    What is this mechanical advantage rig for SRT?

    It actually is Rapid Ascent and Descent system, the term comes from before todays multicenders, and the rapid refers to the time necessary to change over from ascent to descent and vice versa. Using RADS, you can transition much faster than with a traditional ascent system using a chest ascender...
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    UK. Two ropes at all times(USA next?)

    I haven't heard of anything like this in Germany. Regulations would be country specific.
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    How have you customized your Treemotion?

    Is that their Rocklock (not sure if I got that right) buckle? Because it looks like you can open it, right? That would make it perfect.
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    SRT Aerial Rescue

    If you ran out of retrieval side line, you could just convert to DdRT by only operating the victims descender. Of course always remember to put a stopper knot on both sides, you can't convert to DdRT if you fall...
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    Need help working bugs out of SRT setup!

    I agree you should try to determine if your hitch works in a DdRT fashion. I also have a GM 30" 8mm hitch cord, I don't use it anymore because it doesn't work well and I'm not sure I trust it. It doesn't work with any other hitch than a VT, and it is very grabby. You should definitely get...