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    Best Saw for a NOOB hand?

    I guess if you're fine with having one battery, it would be alright. I'm not a fan of their chain tensioner, I have experience with them on a corded dolmar, they are terrible. Get one so we don't gave to.
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    Best Saw for a NOOB hand?

    I would say no, Makita you can use the batteries for other tools.
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    Unicender 3-1 MA and other uses

    Yeah, both EN 12275 and EN 362 require only 20kN.
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    Unicender 3-1 MA and other uses

    No, it's a 3:1, because you are the one pulling on the end, making the upper pulley a moving one. It's the same system as RADS. The Rollclip is intended for life support, the manual shows it being used on a bridge to connect your climbing system. It's only 20kN though, so maybe under your...
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    Looking for a new flipline

    You tie the lanyard directly to the Dring with the becket hitch.
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    I hear a lot of people put 1/4" 1.1mm (0.43"?)on the echo. That would require a sprocket change, 3/8 1.1mm uses the same sprocket as the stock chain.
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    Knot for hanging tire swing?

    Here in Germany chains are standard on playground swings. Probably mainly for longevity and tamperproofing reasons. But I know regulations are quite strict for potential spots one could injure themselves at.
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    Isc triple action snap failure to close.

    Don't worry, it's a CT.
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    Hasty harness ??

    No. Maybe a rescue diaper or similar. Don't know if you consider that hasty though. What do you need it for?
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    Climbing Pants

    I'm wearing the Clogger spider pants almost daily, very comfortable. Pockets could be better though for my applications..
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    Moss Cinching Lanyard prototype

    I often just take another wrap through the carabiner if I'm at a union but want a single line lanyard. If I need to cinch though, I will, and take wraps if it's to skinny.
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    Moss Cinching Lanyard prototype

    Whether that's sideloading is a matter of debate and depends on the diameter of the trunk or limb. A steel carabiner is the best choice when using a carabiner.
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    Looking for a new harness

    Why the Treecore or the Tree access? What about them do you like? I've worn the Treecore, not very comfortable for me, but maybe it wasn't adjusted properly. I'm 6', also skinny. I had the same issue you had with the backpad on the Tree Austria. I do like the modularity of the Treecore though...
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    Leave rope out for months

    Oh, ok. semi-static is the same as static in my experience, maybe it's a european thing. I just got a hank of 10.5mm patron, it comes with the standard manual for kermantle ropes.
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    8mm Teufelberger HRC Thermashield

    That depends on the diameter of your rope. On my 12mm 16 strand there is much less load on the hitch with a wrench, on drenaline there is a only little bit less than in MRS for me. But always less than MRS. I don't climb on 11mm or something like that though.

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