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    Hong Kong Tree Work with ATP - Come Join us!

    Looks wicked! What a splendid experience for the right person I'd be on my way over right now but then they wouldn't let me back into Australia... what a shame. I'll be sure to share this with some good arborists I know
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    Marvelous Trees

    Revelation: trees don't care about you in any way.
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    Climber - The Morton Arboretum - POSITION FILLED

    What an amazing treat for any arborist to work in a self-directed position in an arboretum, caring for and maintaining trees all day <3
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    How do you decide it's safe to climb below or close to a hanging dead limb?

    Set an anchor point that doesn't expose you to danger while you ascend Throw line around it, try and loosen it from the ground and decide if it's safely lodged or not Alternatively you can secure it from the ground if you're really keen
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    SRT - Gear advice

    If you're If you're living in Australia, look into Honeybros ... I've found there's better savings there, especially on european made gear (ISC, Zigzag, ART, Teufelberger, etc)
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    Kids running saws

    You You are a wise man. I really appreciate all of your contributions on this site :)
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    Preservation vs Condemnation

    Honestly it's the client's tree at the end of the day. If they're aware of the risk and want to retain the tree anyways, fucking do it! You can let them know you think it's hazardous but .. it is a damn majestic copper beech. Our job is to inform and advise, not condemn.
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    TCC movie from New Zealand

    Love it !
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    Travelling on an Australian Cert III

    So I'm a Canadian climbing arborist, currently living and working in Australia .. The Cert III / IV definitely has value in Australia but is basically unknown / disregarded in the rest of the world. Unless you're going for a civil authority / consulting position no one else will care whether or...
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    How to locate a contract climber.

    Call local arb companies and see who's around... Word of mouth is the best advertising for contract climbers Climbing has an incomplete contract climber directory ... It might be something
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    Paid Estimates

    I love this honesty approach. "I'm giving you the best price already and will give you my best work".
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    Wide fitting chainsaw boots

    My Pfanners were quite roomy in the toebox / forefoot and I have stupidly wide feet. They were like wearing chainsaw-proof Uggs My Andrews (Italian made) are ultra narrow and not great for wide feet unless you size up 1-1.5 sizes FWIW
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    Send @rico a private message instead
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    Really get after it

    Fuck yeah!
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    Any diabetic climbers?

    Just putting it out there... You might consider rerouting the pump? Not sure. Either way I'd be very cautious letting someone climb on a crew with no other rescue climbers if they're dependant on a constant stream of insulin
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