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    I'm looking at a couple grapples. New2015 vs new new bmg.

    I had to pick it up in my honda civic because my truck couldn't do -40. Filled the car right up even the dog had to stay home but good to know it fits. Yeah add $1000 for exchange then tax, duty, broker. If I want the right product it often has to come from the US but I'll search across Canada...
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    Finishing cord/rope ends with electrical tape and butane torch?

    Hockey tape is pretty good except throwline can bite into it. That cutting under tension is how to fell a tree with a felco we called it cutting their achilles tendon.
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    I'm looking at a couple grapples. New2015 vs new new bmg.

    Ahhh I couldn't wait for the info and just bought the 2015. Should be good I see it's had some of the upgrades. Too much difference importing, it's not double the price but close enough. It's always a burn ordering from the states as I stare at the invoices and total the extra charges and say...
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    I'm looking at a couple grapples. New2015 vs new new bmg.

    The 2015 is in Canada the new one is from Dave. I'm also in Canada so though they start out with similar prices the exchange and other costs would be over $1600 more for the US import. I'm learning the new one is wider and stronger but is it $1600 better?
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    So.... Now where are we?

    I spent a whole winter working on a better mini material handler. Even looked at driving it on a dyson ball for ultimate mobility. One thing at a time I hope to prototype a rigging idea soon. I wonder though if persueing an invention is worth it. With the risk and legal challenges, production...
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    So.... Now where are we?

    I've gone to solo removals with a dog trained to patrol for people getting too close. The dog is a border collie so as smart as dogs come and she has super skills to detect the sneaky types. If they're hiding and watching they'll get barked at. I trained her from the tree top and I know...
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    Ronin Battery Powered Ascender

    Good job Kris. To read between the lines you sound like a good guy to deal with. I'm on my third year of solo rigging removal work which is considered kinda taboo but the more I do it the more I see the safety, economic, environmental and stress level benifits. It's been fun to solve all the...
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    Angry, let off some steam... Yo its Friday!

    A million of those 20 billion got stomped in by me. My last year I got on with the best crew. Total jerk around with weather and moving camps back and forth across the province and no one complained ever. Good people make bad work great. This is what I remember I'd even do that spin move for...
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    Articulated stand on mini?

    Still room for innovation in our purpose built mini forwarder. With all the robotics and guidance technology anything is possible these days. Need something that can do stairs and cross exposed roots and turf without damage ideally. Some kind of a grapple self loader and ability to off load at...
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    Articulated stand on mini?

    I notice Top Notch is selling these Cast loaders and there's a couple videos of an articulated one but I can't figure out if it's a prototype in development or available.
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    ronin powered ascender

    So no first hand experience out there yet? I don't mean a demo but from someone using it at work regularly. I'm going for the climb til I can't retirement plan and see solo as a legitimate safe and profitable business plan. Shoulda done it from the start. But I could use a boost every now and then.
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    ronin powered ascender

    I see this as a game changer for solo work. It's as safe as team work everywhere traffic control isn't required probaby safer than training another rookie in reality. The problem is extra trips up and down to change ropes or saws and the extra energy spent. Anyway I'm writing this with one day...
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    What do you do when...

    In a perfect work site there'd be someone trained in aerial rescue and first aid available. There'd be at least three people controlling traffic and observing workers. What else would be nice to have, a mechanic. When there was cutting happening the chipper would wait and vise versa. And then...
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    PTSD work program

    So we see alot with our employees but this year's off to a bad start. New hire was murdered. Ex groundman is charged with murder in a different case where he killed a competing climber. This all in a teeny village on the fringe of civilization. Non of these were military vets but there were ptsd...