prefered static climb lines.


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PI is Yale's bluemoon and according to this PDF it's a Type B.

Imori is CE EN1891 Type A. If you like bluemoon it might be a better choice for SRT. I have a hank of 150' and like it a lot.

The only reason I bring it up is I was picking billN's brain at a rec climb and I believe he was told by Jamie at Yale that bluemoon was a Type B and not a good choice for SRT. Maybe Bill will see this thread and chime in.


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Actually, I'm not sure about PI. In this thread there's a few good posts

There's mention in that thread of a yellow tracer in the CE version of PI, but the context of the thread doesn't really make it clear if there's any difference.

Sorry for any derail or confusion. I'd always thought PI and bluemoon were the same. It even says they are on the PI page of I'll use the contact form on Yale to ask Jamie myself and post back.

It's a shame there's so much branding going on with ropes it really makes it difficult to know what's what.


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Direct from Jamie at Yale:


The Sherrill version of Poison Ivy is the same as Blue Moon
IN order to sell it into Europe it needed to have the CE certification which means it needed certain characteristics that weren’t available in the standard Sherrill PI.

American version -
• Tensile strength - above ANSI Z133 (6,500?)
• core fiber – polyester – low stretch
• cover fiber – polyester – low stretch, great wear resistance

European Version –
• Same strength
• Core fiber – steam stabilized nylon – for energy absorption CE requirements
• Cover fiber – polyester with a small yellow tracer to notate it is the CE version
o Sold exclusively through Freeworker Germany

Yale has a rope called Sunburst that is available through which is the Yale version of the CE PI –

[/ QUOTE ]

Hopefully people planning to work SRT on PI will find this info useful.


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It depends on how you look at it. If you want the most efficient system, go with the PI. If you would like a little bit of oops factor built into the system, go with the bluemoon. I can say from riding on both (and both for over a year each) I prefer PI. The bluemoon has got too much stretch for SRT. On the same note, I'm really digging the cougar blue from Australia. It's so good I don't even bother with my static line very much anymore. I have a hard time telling the difference.


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No sweat, Blinky. Jamie did all the work. :)

Tommy, it's a personal decision I guess. Chris brought up a good point about energy absorption in SRT lines. At least knowing what you know now, if you want PI for SRT you know which one to get.


Right on dude thanks a lot I had no idea there were different versions, I just got a 200' hank of KMIII. The card that came with it from new England ropes states that it has that CE type A rating you guys were talking about. So I'll try it out and see how I like it. Thank you all for your help.


it seems like the more I look the more different versions of Yale's 11.7mm xtc 24 strand I find. the only 1 that they have on their website is blue moon but we all know Sherrill's version poison ivy there is also lime light, blue tongue, arrow frog and apparently sunburst although I haven't seen that 1 myself. (I think I remember seeing 1 other 1 too but it has slipped my mind). I believe that only blue moon and PI are type B.

I was climbing srt on blue moon and loving it but then I went on Yale's website and saw there video about dynamic loading static lines. I noticed that blue moon had the lowest energy absorption of all there arborist ropes. so I put in a call and spoke with Jamie. he told me that if I had any concern about my rope handeling a fall I should be on a type A certified line. to be honest up untill that point I had not even known about the certs I just knew that everything had to be 5 k.

He told me that blue moon and poison ivy are the same but that other versions versions like limelight are type A and have nylon in the core.

I have tried to look up the information about the certs but for some reason when I google it all I get is an option to purchase the certification.?

He also explained that working srt is static repel work and that we should have a rope designed for that purpose.

I now have kernmaster for srt and limelight for Ddrt.

I have learned a lot about ropes recently but mostly I have learned that I have a lot to learn.

my local supplier (shelter tree) is a Yale distributor so I had them order a spool of 11mm kernmaster.
I love this line, I havent had it long but I am very impressed. a climber's weight being such a small percentage of its strength it is static but the dynamic abilities as the load increases are impressive. after setting in the tree you will find it has a bit of sit in stretch but once u pull it out that's it no bounce.

As I said I have a lot to learn but I will say that in all the research I've done Yale seems way above everyone else as far as the information they give us. The average static tensil strength and weight of a line are simply not enough for what we do.

also another thing I've recently become aware of regarding purpose built lines new englands escalator is an ascent line. it is designed specifically for ascent. it contains airamid fibers so I believe it would be a bad choice for working on.

as far as limelight it has much more stretch then blue moon. reminds me of tachyon. also the cover is much bumpier then blue moon. I have been using it with my spider jack and I like it a lot. I especially like the color scheme. although the bumps of the strands when I first got it we're so textured it almost wouldn't run I had to kinda release the cam and bounce a little kind of feathering the wooden brake to get it moving but now that it's broken in a bit it works great. but again it's not designed for static repel work so maybe not the best choice for srt, unless you like a tachyon style bounce in your line.

also if anyone knows where to find the specs for the type A 24 strand xtc as far as energy absorption I would be interested in seeing them and comparing. I have ask'd Jamie but he hasn't gotten back to me about it..

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